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Lenin and Ivan III can stand

Ленин и Иван III могут стоять рядом

Public figure Gennady Sklyar — on experience of careful attitude to historical memory

In Moscow erupted with a new force discussion about renaming of the metro station “Voykovskaya”. In support of the renaming expressed by many prominent public figures. These issues are closely linked with the politics of historical memory, affect the interests of many people, a significant part of life which happened in the Soviet era.

We eventually found a balanced solution to reach a General agreement on this sensitive issue. We try to keep our streets were named after historical events and historical figures. Note that the city is actively building. New streets, boulevards, squares. We try to call these new streets the names of historical figures: Empress Catherine the Second, our first Governor Krechetnikova. However, we are in full agreement with public opinion. We ask residents, whose names they want to see on the city map.

We try to act with the consent of the members of the public. Conduct surveys, public hearings and in meetings with people discussing what is the name of this or that street. Therefore, concerning the preservation of historical memory today in Kaluga consensus. If people want to perpetuate someone’s memory, they say build, do new. Divide new Park and name it the name of the person you want to perpetuate.

The position of the residents is simple — no need to rename, but it is better to call the historical names of new objects. We put new monuments in Kaluga to Gogol, Admiral Sinyavino in Borovsk. We do with the pedestals were shooting, we always found monuments to new places. Now decided that the center will be a monument to Grand Prince Ivan III. Near the monument to Lenin. But we in any case do not achieve the dismantling of the monument of the proletarian leader. Lenin and Ivan III will be next.

The topic we discussed in Kaluga architectural Council, which consists of three architects, members of the public, cultural figures. This format removes the severity of disputes and confrontation. Our position is peaceful. Let us build, create new streets, boulevards, metro stations and call them by names of people who are regarded with respect.

Some public figures suggest naming the objects, named in honor of the dubious personalities of the Soviet period, in the memory of those who have made a positive contribution to our history. For example, the same “Voykovskaya” in Moscow at the station “Street of cosmonaut Volkova”. However, the position of residents is not necessary to touch something that was done by our ancestors, regardless of when it was done, 300 or 30 years ago. Let’s start a new. Every page of history we leave in one piece, without touching it.

Because if you revise the history, the negative traits can be found in any historical figure. It is possible today to remember the good people of the past and in their honor to name the streets. But why pit them against our ancestors? After all, they had their own logic, their reason, to give the streets exactly those names that still exist today.

The author is the Chairman of the Board of the public organization “Kaluga fellowship”

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