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Leaving the EU is a British adventure of the century!

Выход из ЕС – британская авантюра века!

Possible British exit from the EU, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron, the greatest adventure of the century. Where such a change in the views of a pompous snob and a bully?

How Cameron quickly changed antonowsky rhetoric, stating: “the Future of our children is at stake”. He also listed the risks that the country will face, if 23 June referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, the British decide to end the relationship with Brussels.

Economics: “changes can put pressure on the pound, our interest rates and growth”. International cooperation on counteracting the global threats of transnational crime and terrorism will be questioned. There is the “risk our reputation as a strong country in the heart of the world’s most important organizations.”

Cameron, zapugivaniya Brussels a British exit from the EU, are now agitating for the British to remain. “Think about the things that threatened us in recent years: the prospects of nuclear Iran, Russian aggression in Ukraine, the devastating impact of the migration crisis, the poison of Islamic extremism and terrorism”.

A radical revolution in opinion, although he has not received in Brussels the agreement on the implementation of all its requirements. It turns out that European bureaucrats were quick to agree to the terms of Cameron? Or not?

The opinion of the British, as shown by recent polls, are divided about fifty-fifty. Some of them want to leave in “free swimming” without the EU yoke around his neck, others wish to remain. The British government is also not going smoothly: the majority for EU membership, a number of Ministers are against it.

Cameron has already escalated the campaign, trying to prevent “escape” from the EU. Can, thanks and Scottish. The Scots said it would seek independence in this case, as the majority of Scots see their future only as part of the European Union.

Cameron is a sly Fox, accustomed to seek their own in any way. But will he again make a fool of people, promised “mountains of gold”? In 2015, the British were unhappy depressed state of many regions (in spite of the growth of the economy) in the country and corruption in the country.

Cameron then managed to deceive voters and win the election, promising a referendum and limiting immigration into the country. He partially fulfilled his campaign promises. He understands that leaving the EU is a straight road, as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the UK.

Centrifugal tendencies are strengthened: the nationalists often talk about what time would the UK be divided into four parts, ending their Imperial existence. How would the gamble of the century did not turn into a process of disintegration and devolution Britain. Here is how “grow legs” activity Cameron, here’s what he fears: sunset of the British Empire…


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