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Law enforcement authorities in Spain have arrested 6 Russians and Ukrainians for money-laundering

Правоохранители Испании задержали 6 россиян и украинца за отмывание денегUkrainians and Russians suspected of having links with the Colombian cartels.

In Spain as a result of special operation detained at least seven people, including six Russians and a Ukrainian on suspicion of money laundering and ties with the mafia.

It is noted that the arrests took place in Salou, Cambrils and Tarragona, as well as office law firms in the Barcelona suburb of l’hospitalet de Llobregat.

All the detainees are suspected of money laundering “Tambov” criminal group, together with them were detained by the Spaniard, who has provided legal services.

Two of the detained Russians, according to police, were engaged in preparing the infrastructure for money laundering and had close ties to the leadership of “United Russia” party members were frequent guests in Spain. They directed the operations of his subordinates from Tarragona (a city in the Autonomous region of Catalonia).

The police also reports that in the case of the arrest of the 192 properties in the city of Reus, Salou and Cambrils, as well as accounts in which the aggregate was 64 million euros.

The Russian Embassy in Madrid confirmed the arrests, diplomats said that finding out the circumstances of the incident.

The publication writes that the Spanish authorities for several years investigating the case of the “Russian mafia”. In 2008, in this case in Mallorca was arrested Gennady Petrov, his investigation considers the leader of the Tambov grouping. Spanish police believes that Petrov headed the group since 1996 worked in Spain, legalisation of the means received from criminal activities, in particular from trafficking in cocaine.

Petrov in 2010, was released on bail, and in 2012 received the permission for temporary travel to Russia, also another suspect Leonid Khristoforov. Back in Spain they come back.

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