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Kiev urged the international community to put pressure on Russia on the case Savchenko

Киев призвал мировое сообщество надавить на Россию по делу Савченко

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin believes that the liberation army the armed forces of Ukraine Hopes Savchenko, accused in Russia of involvement in the murder of Russian journalists, should pressure Moscow on the world community. About this he wrote in a letter published by the Financial Times on Thursday evening, March 10.

“While the Russian judicial system ignores the strong arguments in favor of innocence Savchenko, Russian propaganda and demonize it in the media, we call for enhanced international diplomatic and public pressure on the Russian leadership with a simple demand: free Savchenko”, — quotes the letter of the Minister Gazeta.ua. According to him, providing Savchenko’s freedom, Moscow will demonstrate that may “be guided by legal arguments and moral considerations”.

He stressed that Savchenko “won the Russian system” and needs the support of the world community “to defend their case and hope for justice.”

March 10, Savchenko stopped dry hunger strike, which began March 3 in protest against the court’s decision to transfer her the last word in six days. A day earlier, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the readiness to exchange military woman, if received relevant proposals from the Russian side. However, he stressed that during all the time that Savchenko contained in the Russian custody, “never from sources that you trust, not one the exchange offer is not received”. In Moscow it is emphasized that this topic cannot be discussed “neither in theory nor in practice” until the court has ruled on the case Savchenko.

The verdict against Ukrainian army is scheduled for March 21 and 22. The Prosecutor asked the defendant to 23 years of imprisonment in a General regime colony and a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. At the same time, the defender Savchenko mark Feigin hopes for an acquittal. The defendant guilty itself does not recognise.

Savchenko, who served as a senior Lieutenant of the Armed forces of Ukraine, is in custody in Russia since July 2014. According to investigators, in June of the same year near Lugansk she learned the coordinates of the checkpoint of the militia, gave them to the Ukrainian military. As a result of shelling killed the Russian journalists of the TV company VGTRK Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin. Later Savchenko allegedly secretly crossed the border with Russia, where he was detained. Itself the defendant claims that he was kidnapped in Donbas and secretly exported to the territory of the Russian Federation.

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