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Khodorkovsky: I will be back as soon as the Putin regime will start to collapse

Quite interesting, absurd and controversial views were shared by the fugitive Russian oligarch during a recent event in the Fund “Open Russia”, which edition of the Daily Beast, not without malice, called “the embodiment of brains and money, supporting the Russian opposition” (I think that’s a subtle hint at “the trough of soup” and “pig”).

The publication, on the one hand, it seems as mockingly writes about Khodorkovsky and his supporters, but on the other hand there are obvious hints that it’s a kind of PR stunt to promote the former “prisoner of Putin”.

Referring to the data of “Levada-Center” (without reference), Daily Beast claims that Mikhail Khodorkovsky is the most prominent opposition leader in Russia: his name is familiar to 45% of Russian citizens. While 47% approve of what Putin released him from prison.

Personality Khodorkovsky outlines the publication so that he HAD TIME to THINK OVER the FUTURE of RUSSIA (interestingly, he refers to a ten-year sentence in “Putin’s torture chambers”?). And in this regard he is ready to wait to wait another ten years to come back and to transform Russia into a democratic spirit: “I will be back as soon as the regime starts to fall apart”.

The necessity of his return fugitive oligarch associates with the implementation of the noble goals of saving Russians from the new time of troubles, which may occur with the departure of Putin: “the repetition of harmful mistakes early 90-ies”. While Khodorkovsky without specifying what measures will be able to achieve order in the country, warns that giving such promises, he was aware that now, PERHAPS HE WILL NOT be ABLE to COMPLY with THEM.

Agree that it is rather odd position to take: to promise to maintain order in the country, I promise, but no guarantees that it will make, not give – give to grab power, but we’ll see? )))

Why Khodorkovsky is so sure that he will be able to return to Russia “with a shield” no longer than ten years?

This confidence he explains that the current Russian system is able to hold no more than ten years. According to him, it was through this period in Russia will begin the”crisis of loyalty” to Putin, which is already over seventy years old, saying that his forty-year bureaucrats will seriously think about changing the aged leader…

In this regard, it would be very nice if someone from the environment Khodorkovsky reminded him that, according to American sociologists, the age to seventy years is the peace and prosperity policy.

At the same time, Mikhail Borisovich once again made a promise to Putin – he is against stupid persecution of all who personify the current regime in Russia and promises that mindless persecution against them will not be – “in our history that was enough”. But that does not mean that everyone will get a full pardon is only an independent and fair court to decide the fate of these people (that is, of persecution still will be!).

 Ходорковский: я вернусь, как только путинский режим начнёт разваливаться

Thank you, Michael, because you get cut doesn’t hurt!

By the way, at the expense of the independent court – Khodorkovsky publicly supported the opinion of a London judge Owen about Putin’s culpability in the death of Litvinenko: “the Independent court MUST DETERMINE whether ordered personally by Putin to kill Litvinenko or not, or whether he personally ordered to shoot at peaceful people of Ukraine”.

Agree that this is a clear anti-European and anti-American passage – after all, the sanctions against Russia introduced on the basis of ABSOLUTE confidence in because of the Russian side on all charges!

But that’s not all. Mikhail Borisovich, apparently decided that if you want to impress, then you need to do it in full: “…the redrawing of internal boundaries can be discussed later. The Crimea and the Northern Caucasus can be discussed later”.

I have somehow in one of its publications said that sometimes the impression that Khodorkovsky is abroad Putin’s secret agent today, apparently, this is the case…

The main problem that gnaws at Mikhail Borisovich day and night, is that he tries to find a way through which you will be able to INSTILL IN people the CONFIDENCE THAT THEY SHOULD GOVERN the STATE. And one method he has already adopted in the Norwegian practice, where income from natural resources are deposited into individual accounts of citizens.

While Khodorkovsky is convinced that “sooner or later will appear in Moscow Vaclav Havel is a quiet voice of sanity and peace, with which the West will find a common language”. But Putin will never succeed Havel, says Mikhail Borisovich. And to convince the whole world that he, “preaching from their London office and traveling to international conferences”, tries to explain the European and American politicians that they will never be able to negotiate with the Kremlin judoka with “police mentality”.

Even Donald trump, according to Khodorkovsky, which is so flattering expressed Putin, assumed the presidency of the USA, and if you decide to make a deal with GDP, then very quickly to ensure the impossibility of its implementation in practice…

Finishing out the PR article about the “main Russian opposition”, the Daily Beast give birth publication this slogan, that “to explain to Putin the West is one of the tasks that Khodorkovsky sees for himself”, as if incidentally reminds its readers that Russian fugitive tycoon, according to Forbes, have been transformed from a billionaire in “ordinary millionaire” with state from 100 to 250 million dollars, which is enough only for “a comfortable existence”, but certainly not on the implementation of the revolution in Russia…

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