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Katya Osadchaya awash in compliments

Катя Осадчая купается в комплиментахAt the wedding of Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbacheva with Katya Osadchaya has become a “star” of the evening.

The presenter could not, and other invited guests to completely relax on the wedding of the most famous couples of the Ukrainian show-business. Kate was covering specifically for their program Swfsc life”, a new release which will be on view very soon. By the way, this is not the first wedding of the stars, where everything and acts as a welcome guest, while performing their work.

What Katherine talked to Nikitin and Gorbachev, as well as some famous guests in the most anticipated wedding of the year, what questions they asked and how they answered, we learn later, and yet the body of the diva showered with compliments. The thing is that the wedding of Yuri and Olga were introduced dress code “of the Ukrainian-ethnic image,” with which everything can be coped 100%.

TV presenter chose the national costume, which was dominated by red and white colors, which symbolize love and the warmest feelings. Not without decoration on the head, which is also, like costume, made in the ethnic style. Red pumps high heels harmoniously complements the image Osadchaya and she looked stunning, for now, one after the other gets compliments.

Катя Осадчая купается в комплиментах

Катя Осадчая купается в комплиментах

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