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Jim Carrey will star in the film adaptation of the comic

Джим Керри будет сниматься в экранизации комиксаJim Carrey was offered the role in the film adaptation of the comic book.

In the middle of the week there appeared information about the fact that Eli Roth will lead the shooting of the remake of the Thriller of the 1970’s “death wish”, however, is not the only new project Director.

So, it became known that Mouth is going to make a horror movie called “Alistair arkeyn” (Aleister Arcane). One of the main role went to Jim Carrey. In addition, the actor will take on the duties of Executive producer.

The new horror film will be an adaptation of the eponymous comic book, written by Steve Nelson. First publication: Alistair Arkeyna” was held in 2004. Initially to film a graphic novel should have been Paramount.

Then the project moved to a company of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. The protagonist in the film will act as an elderly man Alistair arkeyn. He meets a group of children whose parents have ruined his life. Being on his deathbed, arkeyn curses the city.

To remove spells only a small friends of the elder. Unlike the film adaptation of the original novel by Alistair arkeyn worked on the cable channel broadcaster. After a while he is fired from the Studio because of complaints of local residents.

Then arkeyn decided that it was necessary to take revenge on them and cast a curse on the city of Jackson. Jim Carrey previously starred in comic book adaptations. It can be seen in such films as “Kick-ass 2” and “Batman forever.”

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