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James Clapper: China and Russia are dangerous

Джеймс Клэппер: Китай и Россия представляют опасность

Russian Federation and China, according to the Director of US National intelligence James Clapper, represent the highest intelligence threat to the United States.

According to the Clapper, Russia and China-is “and its operational capabilities, and intentions”. At the moment both States are building the capacity of military satellites.

Moreover, Clapper noted that the Russian Federation is extremely dissatisfied with the policy of the United States, believing that Washington intervenes in the Affairs of other States. According to the head of Macrosuede, it will continue to contribute to the emergence of new geopolitical conflicts.

In this case, the White house says that today the greatest danger to the U.S. is just Russia. However, U.S. officials note that the attack of Russia will not be. But Clapper is sure that Russia has enough resources to seriously harm Americans in the Ukraine and in Syria.

We will remind, earlier the Russian foreign Ministry said that Washington has decided to increase spending on military activity in Europe. In the US pursue a single goal: to bring its military infrastructure closer to the borders of the Russian Federation.


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