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Jamal said that Ukraine will fight him in a war with Russia

Джамала заявила, что Украина выграет войну с РоссиейJamal expressed his opinion on the situation in the Donbas.

The winner of the song contest “Eurovision 2016” and Ukrainian singer Jamala believes that the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, her country will come out the winner.

About Jamal said during a meeting with the settlers on June 27 in Lviv. Old also said that he loves to sing songs for the soldiers ATO. The winner of “Eurovision” even admitted that he will hold a series of free concerts for Ukrainian troops and settlers from Crimea and Donbass. So, for 5 July will be the first such concert in Kramatorsk.

“These people let me win, they allow me to tell you about a Ukraine, which don’t know media. Indeed, thanks to the song you can tell a lot more than can tell any journalist. And very important for me to sing for them,” said the singer.

Regarding the song “1944” that Jamal performed in Stockholm, the singer said that didn’t set a goal to prove something to the song about the deportation of Crimean people.

“I was singing my story, the story of the Crimean Tatars, I was singing about my pain. And if it is reflected in the hearts of Europeans, I can only thank for that,” said Jamal.

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