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It’s time to prevent the destruction of Europe

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s March 15, 2016


Пришло время предотвратить разрушение Европы

The fate of the Hungarians is so interwoven with the peoples of Europe and so became part of the Union that today nobody, including the Hungarians, cannot be free, if Europe is not free.

But today’s Europe is fragile, weak and sick, as “the flower, the worm-eaten”. Today, 168 years [uprising Kossuth in Hungary] after the great wars for independence of European Nations, Europe is our common home, not free!

Ladies and gentlemen, Europe is not free. Because freedom starts with telling the truth.

Today in Europe it is forbidden to speak the truth.

It is forbidden to say that those who are occupied, not refugees, and that Europe is under threat of migrants.

It is forbidden to say that tens of millions ready to ship in our direction.

It is forbidden to say that immigration brings to our country crime and terror.

It is forbidden to specify that the masses coming from other civilizations, jeopardize our way of life, our culture, our traditions and our Christian traditions.

It is forbidden to indicate that those who arrived earlier have already created their own new, separate world for itself, with its own laws and ideas that destroy thousand year old structure of Europe.

Prohibited to note that this is not random and spontaneous course of successive events, and planned and organized the operation is to send masses of people to us.

It is forbidden to say that in Brussels is being sought for the scheme, as quickly as possible to move the foreigners in here and put them here among us.

It is forbidden to say that the purpose of the movement of migrants here is to change the religious and cultural landscape of Europe and to alter the ethnic basis of the nation, thus removing the last obstacle on the way to the “internationalism” [world Republic]: this is the nation-state.

It is forbidden to say that Brussels is quietly bites off bigger and bigger chunks of our national sovereignty, and that in Brussels are now working on a plan “United States of Europe” – which nobody ever authorized.

Ladies and gentlemen, today, the enemies of freedom are cut from a different cloth than the former Royal and Imperial rulers, or those who governed the Soviet system; to make us obey, current rulers use a different set of tools.

Today they will not put us in prison and to concentration camps, and they will not send tanks to countries aspiring to freedom.

Today they do, or so far cost the shelling of the international media, denunciations, threats, and blackmail.

The peoples of Europe are slowly awakening, they will regroup, and will soon gain strength.

The kind of Europe that relies on the suppression of the truth, squeaks and rattles.

The peoples of Europe, perhaps finally realized that their future is at stake:

Now at stake is not only their well-being, a comfortable life, jobs, but also our very safety and peaceful life.

Finally, the peoples of Europe, dozing in abundance and prosperity, I realized that the principles on which Europe was built, can be destroyed.

Europe is a Christian community, free and independent States; the equality of men and women; fair competition and solidarity; pride and humility; justice and mercy.

This time the risk falls upon us in the form of wars and natural disasters.

Mass migration is a slow flow of water, continually eroding the banks.

Explain to her humanitarian causes, but her real goal is the seizure of territory.

And how much territory they gain, we lose so much of her.

Squads of the possessed human rights defenders have the urge to make comments to us and put us charges.

We supposedly hostile xenophobes. But the truth is that the history of our country is also the merging and mixing of cultures.

Those who wanted to come to us when reunification of families as allies, or as displaced persons, fearing for his life, adopted, and they were allowed to settle with us.

But those who came here to change our country, forming in their sample, those that came with violence and against our will – always were met with resistance.

Ladies and gentlemen,

First, they say only about a few hundred, a thousand or two thousands of displaced people.

But none of the European leaders would not be able to confirm under oath that this pair of thousand will not be ultimately increased to tens or hundreds of thousands.

If we want to stop this mass immigration, the first thing we need to limit Brussels.

The main danger to Europe’s future comes not from those who want to come here, it comes from fanatical Brussels “internationalists” [the builders world Republic].

We should not allow Brussels to put itself above the law.

We must not allow him to impose on us the bitter fruits of its cosmopolitan immigration policy.

We will not be imported to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and anti-Semitism with the burning of synagogues.

There should be no urban neighborhoods, where not a law, there should be no riots.

No immigrant riots here, and we will not allow gangs to hunt our wives and daughters.

We must not allow others to tell us who we can let into our home and country and with whom we should live together.

We know how it’s done. First, we let them tell us who we should take, and then they force us to serve foreigners in our own country.

And then tell us, so we Packed up and were out of our own country.

Therefore, we reject the forced resettlement scheme, and we will tolerate no blackmail, no threats.

It’s time to hit the bell. The time has come to confront and resist.

It’s time to gather our allies. It’s time to raise the flags of proud Nations.

It’s time to prevent the destruction of Europe and save Europe’s future.

To this end, regardless of party affiliation, we call on every citizen of Hungary to unite and we call on all European Nations to unite.

The leaders and citizens of Europe don’t have to live in two different worlds. We must restore the unity of Europe. We the peoples of Europe, cannot be free in a certain order, if we are not free together.

If we combine our forces, we will succeed; if we pull in different directions, we will fail.

Together we are strong, separated we are weak. Either together or not at all – today it’s the law.

In 1848 it was recorded in the “book of fate” that nothing could be done against the Habsburg Empire. If we then accept such installation, then our fate would be sealed, and the German sea would have absorbed the Hungarians.

In 1956 in the “book of destiny” meant that we must remain occupied and Sovietized country while patriotism would not have been eliminated in the last Hungarian.

If we put up with this situation, our fate would be sealed, and “Soviet sea” would have engulfed us.

Today in the “book of destiny” written, hidden, faceless global forces eliminate all that is unique, Autonomous, secular and national.

They will be mixing of cultures, religions and peoples, while our diverse and proud Europe will not become, finally, bloodless and manageable.

And if we accept this result, our fate will be sealed and we will be swallowed up in the belly of a huge United States of Europe.

The task facing the Hungarian people, the peoples of Central Europe and other European Nations that have not lost common sense, to beat, to rewrite and change the fate reserved for us.

We, Hungarians and poles, know how to do it. We were taught that if you dared, you have to look danger in the face.

Therefore, we need to pull out of the oblivion of the ancient virtue of courage.

First of all, we must have the fortitude and respond clearly and loudly to be heard far and wide, the most important question that determines our destiny:

“We should be slaves or free men?”

Speech by Viktor Orban with German interlinear translation:

<iframe src=”&lt;a href=” https:=”” <a=”” href=”http://www.youtube.com” rel=”nofollow”>www.youtube.com=”” embed=”” GEOPd81zDag?list=”PLXDz01uBEiGHxnGpkgPim6-B-LfrzcE7g”” rel=”nofollow”>https://www.youtube.com/embed/GEOPd81zDag?list=PLXDz01uBEiGHxnGpkgPim6-B-LfrzcE7g” frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″></iframe>



Newsletter of the organization of Russian Germans in Germany: Konvent aktuell 31.03.2016. “Courageous speech by Viktor Orban, with which we agree”.

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