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Israel is back in Africa

“In the history of the country, since 1948, the international position of Israel has never been worse than now,” dramatically said one of the leaders of the Israeli opposition Yair Lapid, speaking recently at a donation event, pathetically called “emergency conference in connection with the crisis in international relations”.

Израиль возвращается в Африку

However, contrary to the statements, predicting impending diplomatic crisis and international isolation, on the brink of which allegedly turned out to be a Jewish state, the situation, if you look closely, it looks not so bad.

On the contrary, will soon begin exporting gas from Israel’s Mediterranean offshore, contributed to the recent emergence of new economic and diplomatic ties with the countries of southern Europe, and scientific and technological achievements of Israel have led to the increase and development of existing relationships with India and Japan.

Израиль возвращается в Африку 
photo: Kobi Gideon

With the growing regional influence of Iran on one side and Islamic state on the other — brought together the interests of the Arab countries, primarily Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States with Israel to such an extent that, as noted in January, the Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Dori gold, “we have today the opportunity to communicate with almost all Arab countries.”

Another focus of Israeli diplomacy is the rapprochement with the countries of East Africa. In late February, the Knesset held an open lobby for the development of Israeli-African relations, with the participation of nearly two dozen ambassadors and consuls from countries of Africa.

“Israel is back in Africa, and Africa returned to Israel, said Prime Minister Netanyahu, speaking before Israeli parliamentarians and African diplomats. And it happens now because it became very clear how this is good for Africa and for Israel.”

Израиль возвращается в Африку

Apparently, the event was timed to the visit to Israel of the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta, who visited the Jewish state the week before. For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with Kadiatou and had a personal component. The father of the Kenyan leader Jomo Kenyatta was the first President of Kenya nearly forty years ago. He allowed then flying to Uganda to rescue hostages Israeli aircraft with special forces on Board to refuel in their country.

Operation Entebbe, as you know ended with the release of all the captives, except one elderly woman, appeared in a Ugandan hospital and later murdered by order of dictator IDI Amin. Among the paratroopers was the only one killed in battle was the commander — brother of the current Prime Minister Yoni Netanyahu.

Израиль возвращается в Африку

Answering the invitation of the Kenyan President, Netanyahu announced that he intends to visit Kenya in summer, as can be seen, the date of fortieth anniversary of operation Entebbe. This visit will be the first visit of the Israeli Prime Minister of African countries for almost three decades.

It is assumed that in addition to Kenya, Netanyahu will also visit Uganda and several neighboring States. In recent times, in addition to Kenyan leader in Jerusalem was visited by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo. And in March it is expected the visits of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam desalen and the Foreign Minister of Ghana Hanna Tette. In addition, according to the Ambassador of South Sudan to Israel Ruben Benjamin, waiting for the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister and in this country.

African countries are interested in receiving Israeli support in the use of water resources, intensive methods of agriculture, healthcare and science, but certainly most relevant to them are now security issues.

A direct threat to the countries of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Sudan today is based on the ruins of the former Somalia Islamic grouping “Harakat al-Shabab”. Apparently, first of all to combat it and need those States in the Israeli experience.

Израиль возвращается в Африку 
the action of “Harakat al-Shabab”

Israel has amassed considerable experience in countering Islamic terror, and in recent years has become an expert in cyber security, occupying in this area leading position in the world. Therefore it could seriously help African countries, with the horror of watching the failure of their Western neighbors — Nigeria, Mali and Burkina Faso, is unable to cope with the onset of Islamic extremists from Boko Haram and related groups.

Israeli military experts have long been working in Kenya, teaching Kenyan army and providing it with necessary weapons. According to reports in the foreign media, last year Israeli professionals in the field of intelligence and the war on terror has created in one of the largest Kenyan cities, located on the Indian ocean Mombasa, a special headquarters for the fight against terror, which had succeeded in destroying a significant part of Islamic radical groups in the South and East of the country.

It is known that similar contacts exist in Israel also with Ethiopia and South Sudan. Now, apparently, this practice will spread to other neighbouring countries of Kenya.

Израиль возвращается в Африку

Obviously, helping African countries to fight Islamic terror, Israel gets a lot of important information associated with ensuring security. Furthermore, it brings economic benefits and strengthens the diplomatic position of the Jewish state.

Moreover, now that the Israeli influence in East Africa is becoming a key, it would be an unforgivable mistake not to use it and to enhance the international influence, including, of course, and vote in committees of the UN, where it is time to end the practice of traditional anti-Israel resolutions.

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