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ISIS captured two thousand people in the North of Syria

ИГ захватило две тысячи человек на севере СирииThis fact is confirmed in the “Democratic forces of Syria”.

Militants “Islamic state” captured about 2 thousands of civilians and you can use them as “human shields” during their withdrawal, said the Syrian military.

The seizure occurred during the withdrawal of the forces of ISIS from the city of Manbij in the North of the country. Information about the kidnapping of civilians is also confirmed in the London-based Syrian monitoring Center for human rights, adding that people were loaded into hundreds of cars and drove towards the city of Jerablus.

Strategically important Syrian town of Manbij in North-Eastern Syria near the border with Turkey, was brought under control a week ago, the opposition Alliance involving the Kurdish and Arab rebels.

The fighting in Manbij lasted about two months. Jihadist group “Islamic state” (is banned in many countries, including Russia) held the city for more than two years.

For jihadists Manbij was a link between the stronghold of ISIS – raqqa on the Turkish border – and other controlled areas in Aleppo province.

Captured by the militants were the residents of the city of al-Sirb, to the North of Manuja.

According to the monitoring Center, during the fighting in Manbij killed 437 civilians, 105 of them children.

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