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Ishchenko: the sovereignty of Ukraine may be liquidated within one day

Ishchenko: the sovereignty of Ukraine may be liquidated within one day

Kiev, Ukraine, 14.03.16 – 11:25

The head of the Center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko explains why full sovereignty in the modern world have Russia, USA, China and India. Ukraine renounced its sovereignty in 1992, and to eliminate its remains can during the day.

Ищенко: суверенитет Украины может быть ликвидирован в течение сутокUkraine renounced its sovereignty in 1992

“State sovereignty is a theoretical thing, which must have any state, but in modern world most of the countries has a defective sovereignty, because it must be supported and protected in a certain way. That is, if you are not able to secure their economic and political sovereignty military and diplomatic means, he cannot be good. In addition, a significant portion of the States are members of certain unions and associations, thus, a part of their sovereignty they give in favor of interstate associations.

We should not forget that almost all countries are UN members. And thus, they limit their sovereignty, transferring powers to the UN. Sovereignty is the ability in its territory in the framework of its competence to be the sole center of decision-making. In this case, Ukraine does not enjoy full sovereignty or even I would say more precisely – it does not have sovereignty as such. Again emphasize that within its borders recognized Ukraine as an independent state, but state sovereignty, i.e. the ability of the state to implement its own policy.

First, Ukrainian politicians had initially waived their rights to independent political activity since the end of the 1992-1993 year, when the Verkhovna Rada adopted main directions of foreign policy.

Even if you do not take all these statements Ukrainian politicians that their goal at any cost to join the EU, i.e. the initial waiver of the right to make their own decisions. Ukraine is not able to guarantee their economic sovereignty, because throughout its history, living in debt, taking more or less large sums from the IMF, the European Bank for reconstruction and development, Russia, USA, Yes anyone. Now direct state debt is $ 69 billion. This is already more than the annual budget of the state. If we talk about the overall debt, including debts of enterprises and private debts, the sum is close to 100 billion

Ukraine is also unable to guarantee constant supply in energy. We know that in this matter Kiev is 100% dependent on the goodwill of the Russian Federation. And we know, in what proportion of cases these supplies were interrupted, and the state was in a desperate situation, and had to meet demand, because otherwise stayed the entire economy.

Ukraine is not able to guarantee its sovereignty in military terms. I think the state of the Ukrainian army everyone is well aware, that is, its fighting capacity, it is possible to exaggerate, not understate, in fact, this army did not exist as such. This means that potentially almost any aggressor could eliminate the national sovereignty of Ukraine, for a very short time. With any directions, this operation will take less than a day, and if you fly by plane, even faster.

The state, which exists only by the goodwill of the surrounding countries, cannot be considered a full sovereign state. Let me stress again that this concerns not only Ukraine, because full sovereignty in the modern world have the U.S., Russia, China and possibly India. All other States in varying degrees, not fully sovereign, even the member States of the EU and member States security of the UN security Council.

Ukraine has voluntarily limited the scope of decision-making, his desire in any way to join the EU. Here then is a list of mandatory requirements, perform, said from Brussels. A sovereign government owes nothing to anyone. If there is commitment, the country is dependent on external decision-making centres”.

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