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iPhone SE vs. iPhone 5S: is there a difference?

Yesterday we wrote about the official announcement of the smartphone Apple iPhone SE, but today found that the majority of Internet users are very skeptical of this new product. Still, after all Apple is trying not just to offer and the right to sell outdated gadget with the design three years ago by cheeky high price — in the Russian version with 16 (sixteen) GB of internal memory will cost as much as 38,000 rubles. We decided to compare the new iPhone with a three-year SE iPhone 5S and try to find the differences. Them, note, turned out to be quite a bit.

SE the new iPhone different from the iPhone 5S a number of parameters: more powerful CPU, a modern camera, new wireless connectivity and improved battery life, and plus he’s exactly 1 (one) gram heavier than its predecessor. The remaining parameters are not changed at all, and this is true even of the screen, which has retained not only the diagonal 4 inches and resolution of 1136×640 pixels.

Recall that the iPhone 5S was released three years ago, and for three years, almost nothing has changed: the same pathetic selfie camera 1.2 MP, the same body thickness of 8 mm, just like the 100 dollar “Chinese”, and 16 GB of memory, too, has already been in the budget models for the price of 10,000 rubles with a higher quality screen. Of course, the new iPhone will offer SE and 64 GB ROM, but in this case its price will rise to 48,000 rubles.

Again, what innovations he only has WI-FI 802.11 ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, camera is of 12 MP and a battery that will last 13 hours of battery life vs. 10 hours iPhone 5S. Yes, the A9 processor frequency increased to 1.85 GHz instead of 1.3 GHz A7 in the iPhone 5S, but it is still a 2-core, and this in the era of powerful 10-core from MediaTek!

Experts do not undertake to imagine how popular will be the new 4-inch phone from Apple. However, Apple has repeatedly demonstrated his skill of brainwashing. By the way, outside Russia, the cheaper iPhone will be SE — 400 and 500 dollars for the 16 and 64 GB respectively, so that there is an attempt to shake off the Russians with more money than with the Americans.

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