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Interesting work by Piero di Cosimo

Piero di Cosimo, 1462-1522 (Florence) – Italian painter of the Florentine school. Pupil of Cosimo Rosselli – that’s why it was called di Cosimo, because, as Vasari tells us, ” indeed, we owe no less to that and no less should honor a true father who teaches us skills and provides us a safe existence than rodellega us and just gave us Genesis.”
Piero was born in Florence in 1462.
The years of the artist’s work occurred in the period of transition from early to High Renaissance. As a pupil of Cosimo Rosselli, Piero di Cosimo was accompanied by his teacher during a trip to Rome, where he was invited in 1482, along with Botticelli, Perugino and Domenico Ghirlandaio to paint the walls of the Sistine chapel – a rare success for a young artist!

When Leonardo da Vinci returned to Florence after years of absence, became its influence on the painting of Piero di Cosimo. In the paintings the latter appeared the soft shadows and the famous sfumato. He has moved from mixed media – tempera and oil – the work of only one oil. In this technique, the artist created one of his most famous works.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

            Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci (C. 1490, Chantilly, Museum Conde). Simonetta Vespucci, mistress of Giuliano de ‘ Medici, younger brother of the Florentine ruler Lorenzo de Medici. The first beauty of the Florentine Renaissance, it was nicknamed the Incomparable, Incredible and Beautiful Simonetta.

It was a model for famous paintings Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”, and in the painting by Piero di Cosimo “the Death of Prakriti”.soulfully conveys the sensual image of the early deceased young girl, whose slim profile stands out against the black clouds penetrated by lightning, which symbolizes her imminent death.

Works by Piero di Cosimo spiritualized inner light and enveloped in a feeling of love to the world. Such experiences were probably somewhere deep in the heart of the artist. After all, his way of life open will not name. During operation,the master never and would not let anyone in his workshop,so almost spent her life trapped,alone with his paintings.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Venus, Mars and Cupid. 1490 Piero di Cosimo. State museums, Berlin.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Piero di Cosimo.The death of Prakriti ,1500-e

Most famous painting by Piero di Cosimo Mature period of creativity – the Death of Prakriti (London, national gallery).

The painting depicts semi-naked young woman with bleeding wounds, lying among the grass and flowers. Over her bent a Faun, and the feet of the woman sits a large hunting dog, Leap.

In the distance you can see the birds and dogs on the beach, which stretches over the calming surface of the water. Somewhere stands invisible in the painting the sun, a new day begins.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

It is not known when Piero di Cosimo painted this picture. Some researchers consider it an early work, others late. Controversy and the subject of the painting. In London’s National gallery it was exhibited under the title “Mythological story” (A Mythological Subject), and currently under the title of “Satyr mourning nymph”

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо
Leap sits to the right in the picture, as a separate and important character – a wonderful expression of the muzzle of the dog is aloof and very sympathetic, she’s stronger than pity her hostess than anyone else. Dog full, a very important character on the canvas.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Perseus and Andromeda.OK.1510Piero di Cosimo. Oil. Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

In this picture, written in his later years, master used the ancient Greek myth of Perseus rescuing Andromeda. Returning after his victory over the Gorgon Medusa, the hero saw a girl, tied to a rock. It was Andromeda, which the people of her native country sacrificed to the sea monster that ate people, for the sake of getting rid of it. Perseus in winged sandals and the magic helmet that made him invisible, depicted in the painting twice, flying over the sea and standing on the back of the monster, raising his sword.

I was particularly struck by this mystical creature.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо
In addition to natural objects, Piero di Cosimo kept finding images of future paintings in the clouds in the sky or the interesting patterns of shadows. They say that a terrible monster in the picture “Perseus and Andromeda” he saw in the refractions of light on the wall of his house.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

This picture is one of the best in his work. It was decorated with luxurious dressing room of Duke Cosimo di Medici.

               Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Portrait of Giuliano da Sangallo. Piero di Cosimo.

Giuliano da Sangallo, a Florentine engineer, architect, participating, in addition to numerous fortifications, in the construction of civil and religious buildings of Tuscany and Rome – his occupation can be determined by lying in the foreground, even a few in “the plane of the viewer,” Peru and the compass. Eye contact with the images there – he is there in his time, in his Tuscan landscape, with its thoughts, and these tiled tools are strange bridge for interaction between “its” and “us”.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Holy Mary Magdalene. (Portrait of a woman, dressed like Magdalene”) 1490-E. Piero di Cosimo. Tempera. National gallery of ancient art, Rome.

Here is a more sublime and at the same time,”earth”: Mary Magdalene in the interpretation of the great masters. But the subtext reads: glowing in the dark face and the canonical pose,but an easy smile and Flirty hair scattered… And again details became eloquent to

where to perceive the works of the great Florentine.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Portrait of Francesco Giamberti”, around 1500

The sight the old man turned away. This is a furniture-maker and musician Francesco Giamberti the founder of the dynasty of architects and sculptors da Sangallo. Note — a symbol of his classes.


Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Madonna with child, angels and saints. 1493. The Museum of the OSPEDALE degli Innocenti

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

The conception of Mary, after 1505. Uffizi, Florence

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

The visit of the virgin with saints Nicholas and Anthony. 1489-90, Piero di Cosimo. National gallery of art, Washington.

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

Piero di Cosimo. Miss Silenus. OK. 1500 g

Интересные работы Пьеро ди Козимо

PIERO DI COSIMO Madonna and child with a dove

In his works, Piero di Cosimo often interpreted the stories in a quirky manner, which gave rise to rumors about his eccentric behavior. Told me that many years Piero di Cosimo lived in solitude, eating nothing but hardboiled eggs, and all sorts of other plausible stories.

Along with painting, the artist was also engaged in the device masquerades, festivals and triumphal processions. Later in the first decades of the 16th century in the works of Piero di Cosimo increasing pretentiousness and affectation. But the artists of this type who have lost spiritual integrity, could not do at that time prominent position, and finally in Florence, the prevailing art of the great masters of the High Renaissance.





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