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In the United States for cyber crime condemned the Russians

В США за кибермошенничество осудили россиянинаThe court in new York sentenced to imprisonment Vadim Polyakov accused US of fraud.

As reported by the associated press, the court appointed Polyakov punished with imprisonment for a term of four to 12 years. As explained by the lawyer of the accused, in fact, his client would have to serve in prison, the minimum term, i.e. four years.

The lawyer noted that the court took into account the time spent by Polyakov in custody during the investigation. It was about two years. In this regard, protection of the Russian expects that it will be released in two years.

Poles found guilty of stealing personal data from customers of services sale of electronic tickets StubHub, and resale of thousands of illegally obtained tickets for theatre performances and sporting events.

Polyakov was arrested in July 2014 in Spain, where he came to rest. Despite the objections of Russian authorities, in 2015 the Spanish authorities extradited a 32-year-old resident of Saint Petersburg in USA.

During the investigation, the Russian admitted that he was part of the global network of hackers and received information about the owners of credit cards. In addition to Polyakov in the case where nine other people from different countries.

Administrators StubHub.com note that the victims of hackers were mainly those who used the same logins and passwords on different sites.

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