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In the keyboard EpicGear Defiant can replace any switch

Announced a new gaming keyboard EpicGear Defiant, based on mechanical switches, but significantly different from similar models. Here, the user has the right to replace any switch without losing your warranty and parsing of the entire keyboard — it can be useful as gamers and those who types a lot.

Keyboard EpicGear Defiant is directly related to the well-known brand is Geil and, by all indicators, is modular, that is, replacing the switches is not limited to it. Her body has a special attachment under additional modules, which include, for example, a small block with buttons for macros. Besides him, Defiant to EpicGear you can pick up comfortable support for the hands and a special module with USB type-C, next to which are the inputs for headphones and microphone. In addition, the body of the keyboard is the volume wheel sound, and each button has an led backlight with individual control of brightness.

All of these accessories for EpicGear Defiant sold separately as sets of switches. Just for this keyboard, there are three types: EG grey Grey (linear), EG orange Orange (tactile) and shown in the photo EG Purple — violet, with tactile click. Release EpicGear Defiant will take place next month, and the issue price will be exactly $ 90.

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