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In the Bangladesh capital took hostages in a restaurant

В столице Бангладеш захватили заложников в ресторанеA policeman was killed, another 35 people were wounded in the attack on a restaurant in Dhaka.

In the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka’s diplomatic area unknown hold hostages in a cafe among which are foreigners.

It is reported that at least 35 people were injured, one policeman was killed in an attack by a group of armed militants in the school Holey Artisan Bakery, popularnosti foreigners, including diplomats and wealthy citizens of Bangladesh.

The Daily Star newspaper reports that the police are planning an operation to liberate the hostages using armored vehicles. At the same time, the guards reported that armed militants hold hostages at gunpoint. The authorities are negotiating, trying to convince the aggressors to release the prisoners.

The motives of the invaders are not yet known. The police reports that among the hostages there are few foreigners. Seized by their group numbers between eight and nine armed men.

According to officially not confirmed data, which leads the Times of India newspaper, in the hands of militants is at least 12 foreigners, including citizens of Italy, Argentina and India. Seized them, the group consists of eight to nine militants armed with guns and grenades.

According to the newspaper Times of India which conducts on its website videoreporter from Dhaka, the number of hostages may reach 40-60 people.

The U.S. Embassy urged American citizens to take refuge in safe places. The state Department said that among the hostages there is no U.S. Embassy staff, as location all of them installed. The Times of India reports that, according to preliminary data, among the hostages there are no employees of the Indian Embassy.

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