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In St. Petersburg broke up the bike ride for 15 minutes before the start

В Петербурге разогнали велопробег за 15 минут до старта

The authorities of St. Petersburg for unknown reasons, canceled the traditional bike ride “White nights”, which was agreed. This was announced by the Chairman of the club “Velopiter” Ilya Gurevich:
Show completely…

June 19… the 51 St of the traditional Cycling race “White nights” was broken up in St. Petersburg. This is not a joke, it’s true. The bike ride did not take place. Gathered more than 1,000 cyclists, but… well, what does it matter. The race broke up. In this regard, I want to Express my gratitude. Yes. exactly. I want to thank the Committees of our city government assistance in coordination. You are working in vain. I am pleased to rustle up your approvals, which, however, are not worth the paper they’re printed on…

I want to thank the police Admiralty district for the proper dispersal events. Was no tear gas, no batons, police vehicles. It is very important for us, citizens, to the 51 St Bicycle parade was dispersed peacefully and politely. I’m sitting at home, without bruises, without salomonic hands. And could the Cycling parade dedicated to the Love to St. Petersburg to sit in solitary confinement in prison. However, there are prospects. And, of course, I want to say thank Pafu Petersburg international economic forum.

Say we prevented at 22: 30 in the night from Saturday to Sunday? Thank You that you are. You work for our Motherland even nights. And acceleration of the traditional Bicycle parade in St. Petersburg, I hope, will be worthy of the final worthy of the Forum. We live in a beautiful city, most beautiful on the planet.

Gurevich also announced the arrest of his friend Mikhail Ivanov, who was put in a paddy wagon along with the bike. What the cyclist was taken to the police station, not specified.

Bike ride “White Nights” — one of the oldest traditions of St. Petersburg, which originated more than 50 years ago. Its members gather annually at the monument to the bronze horseman on the Senate square and go in the evening city, past the monuments and historical places.

“Personally, I’ve been waiting for this run for two years, because last year to take part in white night 2015 could not. People began to gather in columns and go at your own pace. But from the stage it was also announced in the columns of more than 10 cyclists were not! Looking at all this with eyes full of tears I decided to go back home,” write the Bicycle lovers.

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