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In Russia, the beneficiaries will pay the costs of medications

В России льготникам компенсируют расходы на лекарства

In Russia can start to compensate for the expenses on medicines, medical devices and special food for disabled children and privileged categories of citizens. The corresponding bill introduced in the state Duma.

During the inspection in 24 subjects of the Russian Federation it became clear that not all regions of the country ensured the procurement of essential drugs for beneficiaries. More than 2.5 thousand recipes have been deferred.

The law States that citizens have the choice to obtain a set of social services in kind or monetary compensation. “However, those who have expressed a desire to receive drugs, products, products in kind, in fact, deprived of such right if the purchase did not take place. Therefore, we propose a mechanism of compensation of incurred expenses of citizens”, – quotes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the authors of the bill.

The amount of compensation will form based on the price of drugs, products, products in the region. If the bill is approved, the rules will enter into force on 1 January 2017, reports IA “SeverInform”.

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