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In Russia, available capacious external battery Meizu M10

The company Meizu has released in our country a new external battery M10, a charge which would be enough even a few modern laptops. The device, however, is intended to replenish energy in a more compact gadgets, but, nevertheless, he has an impressive capacity.

According to official data, the capacity of the new external battery Meizu M10 is exactly 10,000 mAh, and inside are lithium-polymer batteries manufactured by ATL. She is known to be one of the leaders in this segment. The rejection of obsolete items 18650 benefited Meizu M10: battery became 30 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter compared to competitors, which is located inside such units. In addition, a new creature Meizu has a higher degree of protection from overheating, leaks, fire and explosion hazards, so for potential buyers this is doubly advantageous: compact source of energy, it guarantees a solid capacity and safety.

The advantages Meizu M10 include support for two-way charging to increase the speed of charging mobile devices, and indeed the battery very quickly replenishes its own supply of energy — from 0 to 100 percent it charged in about 3.5 hours. In Russia Meizu M10 is not yet for sale, but you can pre-order. The issue price amounted to exactly 2500 rubles, and the release is scheduled for the last of this month.

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