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In Rostov detained a suspect in the robbery of banks

В Ростове задержан подозреваемый в ограблении банков

In Rostov-on-don, employees of patrol service detained 33-the summer man whom suspect in the attack on the offices of a commercial Bank and the robbery of two microfinance organizations. About it reports a press-service of the regional Department of the Ministry of interior.

– During the patrol, soldiers of company PPS saw on the Avenue of the Communist citizen, similar on signs on serial Bank robber. Noticing the patrol car, the man tried to escape, but the police organized a pursuit, and, using the techniques of unarmed combat, detained the man, – have informed “RG” the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of area the Colonel Natalia Ustimenko.

During the personal search of the detainee was found metal “Pugach”, structurally similar to the gas gun.

Previously convicted for theft and robbery rostovchanin said that involved in the Commission of robbery attacks on two offices of microfinance institutions and the Bank. According to him, the robbery he decided after the Internet had read the message about the robbery of a credit institution by a note threatening to bomb the Bank. Rostovchanin has decided to follow suit. On the evening of 12 February, he came to the Bank branch on the square 339 th Infantry division with the box, in which, according to him, was an explosive device and demanded money. One of employees of Bank managed to press the disturbing button and to call the police, but the robber managed to escape.

– Three criminal cases under article of the criminal code “Robbery”. Currently the officers of the criminal investigation establishes the involvement of detainee in Commission of similar crimes, – have specified in a press-service of management of the Ministry of internal Affairs across the Rostov region.

It should be noted, the offices of microfinance organizations in Rostov-on-don are attacked with remarkable regularity. At the end of February in Rostov have detained the participants at least eight robberies of banks and microfinance institutions in Rostov and Krasnodar territory. A few days ago the police caught the 21-summer guy who is suspected of robbing the office of a large microfinance organization in the street Menzhinsky.

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