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In Pakistan a man was arrested for “blasphemous” shoes

В Пакистане мужчину арестовали из-за "богохульной" обувиThe man was arrested for sales of shoes, insulting Hinduism.

In Pakistan, the police arrested the salesman of a Shoe store that implemented the Slippers and sandals with the sign of “om”, a symbol of Hinduism.

It is reported that the police asked residents of the city Tando Adam and was told that one of the local sellers sells shoes with the sacred Hindu mantra. According to the applicants, such an act is blasphemy, so the seller should be punished according to the laws of Pakistan.

It should be noted that the law enforcement authorities recognized the legitimacy of these requirements. In turn, the seller refused to cooperate with the investigation, noting that he had no intent to offend anybody’s feelings.

The head of the local police Farrukh Ali said about the innocence of the seller, adding that the police began the investigation against the Shoe manufacturer.

Note that the manifestation of blasphemy in Pakistan is punished quite severely. For example, for the desecration of the Koran supposed to life imprisonment, while for the desecration of the prophet Muhammad is punishable by death.

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