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In Kiev drunk Ukrainian military blew up a grenade in his hands

В Киеве пьяный украинский военный подорвал гранату у себя в руках

In Kiev the drunk serviceman of Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) were injured, including the detonation of a grenade he held in his hands. On Monday, March 14, reports the press service of the Metropolitan Nasolili.

“The duty of the Podilsky police Department received a report from the doctors about what appealed to them 42-the summer inhabitant of Kiev with injuries. Besides, the man was in a state of alcoholic intoxication”, — is spoken in the message.

According to the victim, the incident occurred at a time when he was on holiday with friends. The man said that kept the ordnance in his hand, and then pulled the safety ring, with the result that there was an explosion. He also said that recently returned from the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine, where he did military service.

Law enforcement bodies have started investigation into the incident.

On March 4, in the Ternopil region of Ukraine, who returned from the conflict zone in the Donbass, the man shot the boyfriend of his former girlfriend and then was taken hostage and her father was blown up together with him on the grenade.

The armed conflict in southeastern Ukraine started in April 2014, after Kiev authorities announced the start of anti-terrorist operation. Kiev regularly accuses Russia of waging war in the Donbass, Moscow denies the accusations, pointing to the lack of evidence of his involvement in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

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