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In Estonia want 72-hour visa-free regime with Russia

В Эстонии хотят 72-часовой безвизовый режим с РФ

The Council of the Party of national unity of Estonia has proposed to introduce 72-hour visa-free regime with Russia.

According to the press service of the party, it would greatly help revive the tourism sector, suffering significant losses.

The introduction of 72-hour visa-free regime would help to revive the life primarily in the border regions of both countries, said the STUMP.

As stated by the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the party Jan in charge of snite, “the government many years ignores the possibility of the development of tourism with Russia; it’s time to stop this policy that cause economic damage to our people.”

In her opinion, especially affects small Setos living on both sides of the border.

She noted that, unlike in Estonia, in Finland in recent years actively used the principle of partial visa-free regime in the border zone with Russia.

Earlier in February, Estonia accused Russia of violating the airspace in and around the Outpost Vasknarva.

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