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Hunger is not an aunt

Extraordinary ingenuity to show our smaller brethren when searching for food in a hungry winter season. Some of them “cling” a by-product of urbanization — the landfills.

Thousands of crows, rooks and jackdaws dominate there in the daytime, and flushed with heaps of waste edible birds hunter hawk-Sparrowhawk sometimes overshadow with their wings and the sky…

But hordes of rats and mice, hidden from human sight, still prevail. They are the main target species and beckon from the surrounding fields, forest belts and forest four-legged predators. Fox, marten, stoats and weasels at dusk when quiet the noise of garbage trucks and workers left the territory, and the gray rodents are selected from shelters to be satisfied with leftovers, go for live prey in landfills. In their natural environment, their chance to safely survive the winter would be greatly reduced….

Who does not know the picture: on the street dead of winter, and in premises of railway stations and in the carriages of suburban trains full of sparrows. Not passed this fate and large grocery stores. Not only for keep warm through doors and Windows penetrate the ubiquitous, but extremely cautious Petushki — there are many compassionate citizens, ready to feed suffering from the cold weather the sparrows. Thaw in the yard — birds together escape from forced captivity and cheerfully take water treatments in the resulting puddles.

From early childhood, I, an avid, one might even say hereditary, fisherman and nedostupny period each year for the purpose of gratification a long-standing passions are dozens of frozen bodies of water. And if there is one of them though is a small rural village, you will certainly meet the guests in the form of abandoned dogs and cats. Fishermen — the people hospitable, no one will ever run, starving the beast, will share her taken to eat a sandwich or a pie or even Cusmano sausage will spoil. Interestingly, dogs appear on the ice only when the notice arrived dining clustering together, and visited each company in turn. And on the rare occasions when it is absolutely unbearable hunger, during the process of fishing.

Cats, those careful, proyavlyayutsya icy surface left small fish, dogs to not dyuzhe eager for.

And quite a unique case. In one of the villages of Podorviha adjacent to my cottage, for many years lived a dog with a disability. Rootless and homeless mongrel with a broken something inhuman spine, have managed to adapt to the realities of life. Learned to move, balancing on one front paws, pinning back unruly to the body.

The villagers do not hurt the dog, but not particularly pampered, most of them pensioners, were scarcely ends reduce… Where he lives a miserable beast, none of the residents and do not know. My standard answer: “Who knows… Maybe in a disused stable disease your preterpevaet. And so… the cry of his Boyfriend, painfully peaceful.”

Do not turn up Boyfriend and the local vicious dogs, off the chain, pass it by, dog showing sympathy…

Four times a day arrives in the village bus. The arrival of the first flight at six in the morning, and last at half past seven in the evening. And every time meets the bus at the bus stop, the shop dog with a disability. Exactly five minutes before arrival you receive. All drivers working on the route, even ritual has emerged: after the passengers come into the shop, buy something to eat and fed so eagerly waiting their shaggy friend…

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