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Human vs artificial intelligence on the field Th: 0:3

Человек против искусственного интеллекта на поле Го: уже 0:3

A computer program AlphaGo won the third match in a row, current world champion on the game in any Sedalia, reports TASS.

During the post-match conference press conference personally Sergey Brin noted the fact that Google has managed to instill “beauty” in the computer. In turn, If Segal, commenting on the results of the game, told the audience that the first masts he lost, because he underestimated the capabilities of the system AlphaGo. In the second match, according to the grandmaster, but he missed, and a third “could not overcome all the stress that was experienced.”

However, the legendary champion expressed the hope that viewers will take the time to look through and the remaining two matches they already lost the series, noting that “today we lost to Lee SEDOL, and not all humanity”. The fourth and fifth matches in th between man and machine will take place, as planned, in future Sunday and Tuesday.

Remind, a match between world champion Lee Segalem and computer program AlphaGo takes place from 9 to 15 March in Seoul. AlphaGo submitted in January 2016 by Google, was the first program, which is based on the system study on the human sample. The developers have created two neural networks that mimic the structure of the human brain. The first two games of a five-day match Whether SEDOL lost. The outcome of the fight can be as important as the famous chess confrontation of the 90-ies of world champion Garry Kasparov and computer Deep Blue. It is about winning cars in recent intellectual game, in which earlier people confidently superior to all computer programs.

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