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Human rights activists reported the highest since 1989 the number of executions in the world

Правозащитники сообщили о максимальном с 1989 года числе казней в мире

At least 1634 people were executed in 25 countries last year, the report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International. In 2014 was recorded in 1061 penalty in 22 countries.

The growth exceeded 50%, the end of 2015 — the highest number of executions since 1989. Leaders by the number given in the executions were China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

China remains the leader of the rating, which is not included in the estimated thousands of executions a year, the information the authorities will not be published. Of the 1.6 thousand cases 90% occur in three other countries — Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In the United States in 2015 were executed just 28 people, which is 7 less than results of 2014 and the lowest number since 1991.

In 61 countries for the year 1998 were issued death sentences in the previous year was recorded 2466 sentences in 55 countries. At the end of 2015 to 20.3 thousand people are on death row.

It is noted that in some countries, including Iran, Iraq and North Korea, the courts did not meet international standards of fair trial and recognition in a number of cases were the result of torture.

The document also indicated that some States applied capital punishment for misconduct, which is intentional murder. This, for example, drug-related crimes in at least 12 countries in Asia and the Middle East, “fornication” in the Maldives and Saudi Arabia, economic crimes in China, North Korea and Vietnam, as well as “defection” in Saudi Arabia and “insulting the prophet of Islam” in Iran.

For 2015, four countries abolished the death penalty, adding to the list of 102 States.

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