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HTC will return to producing Windows-based smartphones

HTC has already almost left the market of mobile communication, grasping at straws and trying to swim after a series of setbacks that have happened on her fault. Very soon she will introduce a new Android flagship One M10, and today revealed that it is developing a new mobile OS Windows 10 Mobile.

HTC already has a similar experience: many years ago, she is very successful on the field Win-mobiles, which were in high demand amid lack of decent competing platforms. Was, perhaps, of Symbian, but to compare it with Windows Mobile you cannot — absolutely different levels. At the moment Windows 10 Mobile has long surpassed Android and iOS, but Microsoft does not give up, and actively promotes its own OS.

By the way, that the software giant has revealed information about the HTC back, so to speak, to the roots, as it was opened a vacancy of specialist on interaction with this manufacturer. At the moment it is unknown what exactly is in store for us Taiwanese vendor — completely new model or just Win-version of the existing Android smartphone, but, given the financial situation of the company hardly it will be decided on the infusion of millions into the development of a new mobile phone from scratch, who will have to work not on the most common operating system.

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