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HTC is going to release three versions of the smartphone One M10

Flagship smartphone HTC One M10, which was not submitted as part of the show MWC 2016 in Spain, has all the chances to take in not one, not two, but three different models. This will allow him to reach the widest audience of potential buyers through an impressive range of suggested prices, but in reality it will be another attempt by HTC to earn as much money as possible.

How it was succeeded to learn, the difference between the models HTC One M10 will be only in the memory. Recall that this device is positioned as a worthy flagship 2016, but in its basic version is found the ROM module the capacity of only 16 GB. The remaining two configuration will offer 32 and 64 GB of memory, which is also already rather weak on the background of a 128-Gigabyte competitors submitted a few days ago. In fact, 64 GB have been something cool a year ago, and 16 GB already installed on a 120-dollar “Chinese.”

However, to fault the HTC One M10 earlier time is not necessary — perhaps he will be able to compensate for the lack of ROM other Goodies. In particular, according to rumors, we can expect a radical new design, and with it the slot for memory cards microSD, main camera with optical stabilizer, laser auto focus and, unfortunately, only a 12-megapixel sensor. But the basis of the HTC One M10 will be the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and next to it will accommodate a RAM capacity of 4 gigabytes. In General, expect the official announcement, which, apparently, will be held in March.

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