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How much is our humanity, or Who will pay the Ukrainian bill?

Nice talk today those who yesterday spit in our direction by the poison. Choose beautiful words to make me think about humanity, about humanity, about good. Listen to such “humanists-the person’s person” and realize that in this world something snapped. For some reason feet, which logically should be at the bottom, sticking out above the head… But the head is where you would normally have another, also very important organ.

Сколько стоит наш гуманизм, или Кто оплатит украинский счёт?
Dutch “De Telegraaf” has released an article titled “Welcome to the wild West of Eastern Europe”

Now everyone is discussing the results of the referendum in the Netherlands. The theme, which in our opinion, should interest all Europeans. What really? And actually everything is going according to an old Russian proverb. Maxim died, fuck him. Those who had any opinion on Association of Ukraine to the EU, spoke. The rest don’t really care for all these “dream treewrapper”. Their own problems.

Ukraine also understood that the information “the RAM” didn’t work. Now it’s hard to even deceive their citizens famous “usersname”. Turned out that the “interests” other issues at the hearing.

Europe? Europe suddenly saw that what they spoke enthusiastically and his visiting Ukrainian politics, was a pure bluff. The reforms that have cost so many money from the pockets of European taxpayers, have not even begun. No. Heroic war with Russia is only in the minds of Ukrainian politicians and the President personally. Ukrainians do not want to receive “Beavis”. They firmly believed that the abolition of visas will give them the opportunity to study and work in Europe. Will give the opportunity to enjoy all the European achievements on an equal footing with indigenous Europeans.

And it turned out that the visa cancellation is a mere formality, which does not give anything specific. Yeah, come on over. But the money show, so we know about your ability to pay. And the return ticket too. So we here in Europe, were confident that here you are, we will not be late. Just in case.

Americans finally said bluntly about what fate awaits Ukraine in the future. Agrarian country without any claims of role in the world, even in regional politics. A sort of a large Moldavia or Hungary. Sow-remove. Country rogulya.

By the way, that word totally offensive. European, just say the word. According to one version, comes from the word “slingshot”. In Galicia put barriers in front of the cities. And rural residents can deliver their products in Lviv, for example, only at night. And in the morning be sure to disappear on their farms. Not to spoil the view from the window to their Polish lords.

But most importantly, the Americans put in place of their European friends. Big money collecting is now closed for Ukraine and for European business. Okay, for the Russians. Here the Europeans. But for Europeans… Shame, I guess.

This fate for the former “brothers” we predicted two years ago. Even man, far from politics, but having the simple everyday experience, it is perfectly clear what will happen in the future.

Want to earn money, not beg. And then, when you have earned money, you will be treated with respect. As for beggars on the porch are treated with compassion. Not with respect, namely compassion. On holidays serves a pretty penny for food. Unless, of course, there is an extra penny.

Louder in Europe voiced their opinion of Russia’s role in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Yes! It Is Russia! When we wrote about it. “The Banquet” in Ukraine was only in its beginning, and the question of who will pay has already occurred. Him this question, tried his best to get his comments in Ukrainian, and our politicians. All together spoke about the turmoil in the economy, the destruction of the individual sectors, the decline in living standards. But who will pay for it, all unanimously preferred to remain silent in the pillow.

Ukrainians had hoped for Europe. Go in, and there’s nowhere to go? Pan-European values. And the example before his eyes — Greece. Live somehow. Though entirely parasites. And we, Ukrainians, hard workers.

The Europeans were hoping for Americans. Even the total European economy is nowhere near worth it with the American. And this Maidan is organized from there. Money at the beginning of the action, too, like flowed. But then it turned out that such international institutions as the IMF and others like him, controlled by the United States, and put all the money back. And that this money was the gasoline with which the Ukrainian machine grinding and pressing of the economy, and the lives of ordinary Ukrainians, and the stability of Europe.

Americans are also not particularly planned to Finance the Ukrainian poverty. At the beginning of the Maidan, Ukraine was indeed a tasty morsel. And by itself, and as a window to Russia. Or like way to much “bend” Russia. But two years news has turned this piece into dust. And competent policy of Russia in time “threw the noose” on Ukrainian benefits. The Russian market is protected from the flow of euroamerican goods. And moreover, already hard at work on the replacement of products of Ukrainian plants. Hard, but is.

In the first year, but even last year, Russia had a lot of really Pro-Ukrainian citizens. Even the Soviet postulate that all the fault of the rulers, and the people had nothing to do with acted. And communication of the Russians with the Ukrainians remained. But Ukrainian propaganda has done its job. Increasingly, the call we received in response spitting. Invaders, you kill us! From those who had been familiar for many years. From those linked by blood ties. From those who always came to visit. We kill them…

It is clear that the change in the attitude of Russians to Ukrainians, Americans are not counted. For a Westerner it is difficult to understand why now Ukrainians, to which we still relate well, and there is a fennel. Why the Russians go to war to volunteer for the Ukrainians of Donbass against ukropov Ukraine? Why Ukrainians, who did not kneel in the Crimea and in the Donbass speak about his Ukrainian identity with pride? Why Russian friendly chuckle over the “Ukrainians”, and Ukrainians over the “Muscovites” in these places?

As it happened, as she always said. Russians and Ukrainians are one people. With its own difficulties, but one. But not all Ukrainians are Russians. And it “broke the pattern” American and European strategists. However, as usual, when it comes to the oddities and peculiarities of the Russian mentality.

And today from different places of Europe and America we often hear that the Russians, based on the ideas of humanism, should help Ukraine to build an independent and strong state. Humanism as the greatest value of humankind…

Just as the idea of humanism is correlated with the corpses of Donetsk children, old men, warriors? As the idea of humanism relates to American military instructors and supply equipment for the war? How does this idea correspond with those former friends and relatives, which I’ve mentioned above?

One dead child is worth all the ideas of the world. Whatever they may be beautiful. Russia has helped and will help build LDNR. And feed going as much as possible. And teach young people be. And if needed again will go volunteers. I wrote a lot about what I don’t like to LDNR. I really there much is not clear. But the people there build their own country. This what they want. And what can build. Not I, nor any other Russian, not American, not European.

I’m not going to vote for Ukraine in the construction of the state. And don’t forget what I did the fennel in the Donbass. To pay for everything. Remember, as officers you have been taught the observance of military discipline? Does not reach through a head, comes through the feet. And came. Even for the most stupid and obstinate.

The political crisis in Ukraine erupted. If anyone thinks that with the appointment of a new Prime Minister things will settle down, believe me, you are very mistaken. Any Prime Minister today is just a pawn. Pawn, by analogy with chess, it is not covered with “heavy” pieces. Easy prey for all and Sundry. Mess with governments (I am sure that the future designation did not last this year) will continue up to a certain point.

And the moment it will coincide, of course, if someone or something will not play quite unexpectedly, only with the elections in the Donbass. This is the most important thing today. Be forced to hold elections under Ukrainian law and thus to legitimize the idea of a federated Ukraine.

After the elections another way for the Kiev authorities will not. Or wide Federation or a new state. The election will be under European control. Only it is doubtful that the miners will go for it. It is very doubtful.

And while waiting for the statements of European politicians, our liberal American commentators about the need to pay the “Banquet of the Ukrainian” Russian rubles. Western humanism on the Russian money! Russians compassionate. The Russians don’t throw. So. But their own people! We do not need someone else.

Author Alexander Staver, Roman Skomorokhov

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