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Horses do not see; they get tired of jumping

 Sergey Belov


Скакуны не прозревают, они устают прыгать

Yesterday came across one material, which contains arguments of Ukrainian experts about the current situation in independence. I read and wept. Like all correctly speak, but not telling the whole truth. Because to tell the truth they can’t, because then they will collapse the myth of a bright European future and Susannah, leading back the Ukrainians. To quote the experts and mention their names I will not. Not in personalities, but rather the misconception people big “European countries”.

Скакуны не прозревают, они устают прыгать

One worker laments that the weight of the investment component in the GDP of Ukraine decreased to a historic low. Brighter in order to show the depth of Ukrainian achievements, the countries with which the European Krajina neighbours in this rating are: Barbados, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, South Sudan. Convincing? No! For credibility there is not enough reasons why investments do not come in to the country.

Firstly, no one belligerent country investments not come. You know something about investing in Libya or Syria? I didn’t have to hear. Whether the Ukrainian authorities to stop the war? No. Second, investments like stability and predictability. In Ukraine, where one government is replaced by another crisis – this cannot be and speeches. Thirdly, the investment can be forgotten if there is no adequate guidance. Can we call the current Ukrainian leadership adequate? The President, Prime Minister, Ministers and deputies? Funny. Give money to the oligarchs, and that they have nothing to steal. Idle toil.

Fourthly, any investment will not be as long until the country running around the crowd of idiots with guns, throwing all kinds of blockade and blow up power lines. The power in these “patriots” looking through his fingers. Fifth, investment will not come while the stronger bandits wring business from the weaker bandits. The country must be ruled by law and not a man with a gun. But what kind of law is it, if “pressed” are close to power people?

However, and I, obeying a nationwide love of the investments, carried away. What I mean, if Ukraine opened its market and reduced to the disgrace of the import duty? Why invest in production in Ukraine, if the European manufacturers don’t know what to do with your cheap shit? The poles are rotting apples, tomatoes Spaniards, Balts milk turns sour, and the Germans and the French are dreaming, where they would attach to their cars. Well, of course the Ukraine! The market is not great, but still a market. However, at the moment Ukrainians think even more about the future and the present. They would have a month to survive and therefore with hungry eyes they catch signals international lenders. With them too not all is smooth.

Next, the expert complains that the IMF refuses to provide Ukraine with new loans, because under the previously signed Memorandum net gold and foreign currency reserves should be around € 4 billion, and on February 1, 2016 net international reserves of the “independence” was only 1.4 billion dollars. Formally, the expert is right, however… When Ukraine signed the Memorandum, the IMF was well aware that to fulfill the conditions Kiev can not physically. No, if anyone thinks that the IMF sitting idiots, so continues to read. In my opinion, a reputable international financial organizations are well provided for. Then why are they signed and gave the first tranches? More on this later…

Read the revelation of another figure acroeconomics Sciences. He laments that in connection with growth of municipal tariffs and the freezing of wages and pensions to the population EN masse stopped paying bills for utility services. The expert complains about the lack of reforms in industry and unchanged disgusting quality of services. I wonder why the expert did not say that the growth of tariffs, and the freezing of income was a requirement of the same IMF? The investigation was called, and the cause forgotten?

Now read the news from the news. The older brother worries about “Natalino” and once again gives Ukrainians free advice… “Separation of functions “Naftogaz” and the establishment of an independent operator of the gas transportation system must move forward, and right now. The deadline for separation is 1 June of this year, it will be a signal for investors”, — said during the “Ukrainian energy forum” in Kyiv on March 1, 2016 Vice-President of the European Commission on energosoiuz maroš Šefčovič.

Translated into normal Russian language, this means that the Europeans propose to dismember the NJSC “Naftogaz”. Attractive and potentially profitable assets find an effective owners. It is called in Europe “a signal to investors.” The price for sale of assets was “attractive”, from the number of potential buyers have already eliminated the Russian company. Clearly, there’s a war on! Idiot it is clear that given the unpredictable volumes of gas transit from Russia, the cost of the Ukrainian GTS will drop to minimum values.

By the way, as an innovation proposal… to lower the cost of the “pipe” can be another couple of billion dollars if the right patriots of Ukraine will explode not a very good pipeline from Russia. Power lines because they have learned to explode? Fundamentally unprofitable areas remain in state ownership. Well, what fool is going to buy the bits and pieces of “Naftogaz”, which may not dislodge from user charges for services? However, if you Supplement with a good and long game, you can buy and unprofitable enterprises.

You guessed it, why the IMF knowing full well that Kiev will not be able to comply with the terms of the Memorandum, still went on cooperation with Ukraine? The IMF acted as the murderer of the Ukrainian economy in white gloves and with an equally toothy smile. I remember one respected in Ukraine, the lady praised the IMF and talked about how there low interest on loans. So after all, wasn’t lying after all! The interest of the IMF is really low, but the terms of the loan onerous. If they do, then the entire Ukrainian economy falls to the ground.

Bringing to the market level of energy prices does not cost-effective energy-consuming production. Stupid freezing of wages and pensions led to a drastic decline of effective demand. “Lady lay down, and Prouty” noble investor to make her happy… Wait, the best is yet to come.

Now is the time to talk about the “enlightenment”, which, according to some comrades, comes from the Ukrainians. They feel bad? So it is a fact. They understand why a bad thing? No. They whine and complain about life, but not protesting against the course of European reforms. Ukrainians think that they “threw” local officials and throw them those whom Ukrainians consider to be their benefactors. Then the proctologist?

Neither small nor large, the Ukrainians don’t bother to remember the letters, go online and read sad stories about how the IMF works, and what turned into a collaboration with a respectable Fund to other countries. None of the Ukrainians will not ask the citizens of Moldova, how they got the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

In the end, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia have already become EU members and as the standard of living there? As in Europe? As in Germany? Probably because of the great prosperity in the Baltic countries ran out the population, and the authorities began in reinforced doses to make Russia the enemy? It is clear, “the Russians” won’t leave me alone and still eat hard-working Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians…

Ukrainians still consider criminal “Yanukovych’s regime”, he says, was managed very badly and stealing is not in moderation. So even though the profit was stealing, and the current patriots are stealing from losses. Why not going to create a favorable “investment climate”, because the worse it is, the cheaper you can sell the remnants of Ukrainian assets. “Criminal Vlad”, for all its faults was protecting Ukraine, as their fiefdom. Villains understood that there will be sheep, and wool. “National Vlada” let the sheep to the slaughter. Glory To Ukraine!

Together now and stop believing in nonsense about the upcoming “Epiphany” of Ukrainians. Remember gentlemen – racers do not see; they get tired of jumping. Well, those who tell the truth, they will hate with every fiber of his soul. Because, the truth is very inconvenient for them, as a mirror for the ugly.

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