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Headache treatment folk remedies

Лечение головной боли народными средствамиTake care of your health.

Treatment of folk remedies for headache can be effective if it takes into account the nature of the pain.

But in order to know why headache, you first need to consult a doctor.

Best of all, if the doctor will advise you the most suitable folk remedies to relieve headaches.

Why headache

Headache is different. It may be associated with high or low blood pressure (BP), spasms of the blood vessels (vascular headache), sudden sudden extension (migraine), muscle tension in the head resulting from stress, increased intracranial pressure, various neurological diseases, and so on.

If you have a headache frequently, then you must first find out the cause and nature of pain. If this is not done, then even seemingly innocuous folk remedies can not bring benefit and harm.

Vascular headache

This headache is most often associated with high blood pressure and spasms of the arteries. Treatment of folk remedies of headache of vascular origin is held thus:

hot foot bath – pour hot water and keep her feet for 5-10 minutes; this draws the blood to the feet and reduce pressure in the blood vessels of the brain; the headache passes quickly.

If the headache bothers constantly, you can prepare this collection:

infusion collection from vascular headache with high blood pressure; take 1 part of leaves of viburnum ordinary, chamomile flowers and mullein scepter-shaped, grass nettle, kidney tea shoots and roots of asparagus officinalis, 2 of the roots of chicory ordinary and leaves of walnut, 3 parts herb mistletoe, 4 pieces of hawthorn flowers blood-red, 6 pieces of grass cudweed; mix it all together, every night, 2 tablespoons collection pour in a thermos, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist all night, and the next day to drink during the day for 3-4 hours before eating.

Vascular headache may be associated with low blood pressure. In this case, it will fit the following collection:

infusion collection from vascular headaches with low blood pressure; take 1 part herb Burda hederacea and yarrow, raspberry leaves and plantain, 2 parts grass forest strawberries, knotweed and stinging nettle, crushed rose hips cinnamon, 3 parts of birch leaves. 7 parts grass prickly Thistle, 0.5 part grass, peppermint and the roots of elecampane; all mix, boil and make as the previous collection.
If the headache is associated with migraine – a sharp sudden expansion of the blood vessels of the brain, it will help:

inhaling the most suitable essential oils are selected strictly individually;
inhalation of equal parts of ammonia and camphor alcohol;
to put in the ear flagellum of wool or gauze is moistened with beet juice or onion, but not too wet, slightly pressed;
if you have started a migraine attack, you can take a fresh egg, whip it into foam, gradually, stirring, pour it a glass of boiling milk and drink in small SIPS; for the prevention of migraine headaches the procedure is done several days in a row;
to prevent attacks daily in the morning half an hour before meals to drink fresh carrot juice with herbs: half a Cup of carrot juice a tablespoon of the juice of the herb dandelion and spinach leaves.

Muscle headache

Muscle headache is associated with muscle tension in the head and manifests feeling worn on the head of a close helmet. The reason for this headache can be high stress, neurosis (diseases arising from disruption of the nerve), degenerative disc disease, eye diseases, wearing tight headgear. Treatment of folk remedies for headaches of muscular origin is this:

soothing and relieving the spasm of the muscles of the collection; take equal quantities of peppermint herb, knotweed and St. John’s wort, the roots of Valerian; all the parts grind, mix, spoon collection to fill the night in a thermos 0,5 l of boiling water, leave overnight, the next day to drink in 3 divided doses before meals.

Headache associated with increased intracranial pressure

This headache is usually bursting character and is associated with any transferred disease, tumors or brain injury. Folk medicine to reduce such headaches following tincture:

tincture of hawthorn flowers blood-red and propolis; preparing 10% tincture of 10 g of material in 100 ml of vodka, and then everything is mixed, infused for two weeks; take the resulting tincture should 20 drops 3 times a day.

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