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Harper PB-0010 – battery for summer vacation

Finally, came the long-awaited summer, and that means, time for picnic, travel and beach holidays. But what holiday without our favorite gadgets? Take a selfie with the Sphinx to count the number of steps in the campaign or to throw a disco in the countryside – all of this without modern devices can handle. But, no matter how sad it was, the gadgets have a nasty tendency to break. And, if while we are home, it’s not a big problem, since the socket is always at hand, on holiday, the only solution may be a portable battery. Harper PB-0010 – battery created specifically for your summer holiday: it is protected from water, dust and shock, has good capacity 10 000 mAh battery built-in flashlight, but the important thing is that one of its faces is covered with solar panels, so you can always recharge it even when you are away from an outlet.

The device comes in a typical for products Harper translucent packaging, which is derived basic technical information. Inside, in addition to the batteries, you can find the brochure with instructions and universal cable. More precisely, there is not even one, but four flat cable (microUSB, miniUSB, lightning and Apple 30 pin) with a length of 25 cm, converging into a single full-size USB connector. Unfortunately, the new-fangled Type-C is not here.

Metal body dressed in rubber “bumper” bright orange color, which protects the battery from water, dust and shock, however, due to the latter, the battery came out quite puffy (120x73x30 mm) and heavy (300 g). So in a pants pocket will not put, but in one of the corners of the bumper attached carabiner allows you to fasten the device to a belt or backpack. Short end of the battery there is a rubber plug hiding under the other three ports: 2 USB for charging consumers (5 V and 2.1 A) and a microUSB to power the battery. Beside the door is located led flashlight operates in two modes: static light and signal SOS. In the first case you must double-click on the neighboring face in the second – it is necessary to hold for a few seconds. The light comes is quite bright and it may suffice to find in the dark things or light up a path in the woods.

One large face is completely covered with solar batteries, capable of charging the gadget energy when he ran out of gas, and the outlet is still far. Indeed, let the sun not only creates the sun on your skin, but also charges your gadgets. On the opposite panel there are four indicator showing the degree of charge gadget. Available from Harper PB-0010 and their smart features. Thus, when no device is connected and when the light source is not enough to charge the battery automatically goes into sleep mode. When the temperature rises above 45 degrees Celsius, the battery is also “asleep”. There is a built-in protection from short circuit, overcharge and overload from the network.

On a full charge the battery from the socket (you can use any available power adapter) will take about 6 hours, and the resulting energy will be enough to 2 times fully charge 8-inch tablet or 4 times the average smartphone. Give energy actually goes for 10% – 15% less than the stated capacity of the battery, this is due to thermal losses in the transfer current. The charging time of the devices corresponds approximately to the speed of the charge from the mains. A factory-installed battery life 500 cycles charge-discharge, be also prepared that the closer to this value, the greater the capacity will fall.

A few words I want to say about the operation: indeed, the bumper can be protected from accidental dropping, exposure to sand or spray, but to bathe him in the river, I would not recommend. Solar batteries – a thing certainly useful, but the real effect can only be obtained on a Sunny day, provided that the battery is always in the light. And even in this case, it will take almost a week to fully nourish energy. However, in an average day hike with the backpack strapped to the battery energy is accumulated enough to, for example, charge the phone to 50%.

Battery Harper PB-0010 can be a good companion on a vacation or camping trip. The device is well assembled, and able to bravely face the vagaries of the environment, for convenience, portability features a carabiner and built-in flashlight will not get lost in the dark. In addition, the solar panels help to recharge the phone in the middle of the forest, and the price of 2200 rubles is not much higher than the competition without protection, and solar panels.

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