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Hackers attacked Russian banks on behalf of the Central Bank

Хакеры атаковали российские банки от имени ЦБ

Several dozen Russian banks were hacked. On Wednesday, March 16, reports “Kommersant”.

On Tuesday, the employees of financial institutions have received malicious emails, allegedly sent from the monitoring Center and respond to computer attacks in the financial sphere of the Central Bank (CB).

The mailing was made not at random, but according to a specially compiled database. Each letter began with the treatment of the surname, name and patronymic. It is assumed that the address database was based on materials of the industry conferences or official Bank documents.

In February it was reported that the jump rate of the ruble against the dollar by more than 15 percent that occurred a year earlier, was caused by Russian hackers who invaded the system of Kazan “Energobank”. This was stated by the company Group-IB, responsible for investigating cybercrime. At the same time, the Central Bank investigation carried out in February last year, has not detected any manipulation of the currency market.

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