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“Grey” exports of pork leads to a paradoxical situation in the market

«Серый» экспорт свинины приводит к парадоксальной ситуации на рынке

“Infoindustriya” of Ukraine reports that the Ukrainian pork market a paradoxical situation, as prices rise and sales fall. Analysts of the Association of pig producers of our country believe that the market of pork in live weight “unload” illegal foreign channels, so this is a “gray” export.

For 11 weeks the average procurement price of pigs of the first category was 28.9 UAH per kilo, which is 3% higher than last week. In the second half of the month of March has seen a rapid rise in prices. By the end of this month, the price had increased to 29 – 30 UAH per kilo.

Most processors believe that at the moment the situation is natural, as now, many Ukrainians are fasting. Therefore, the meat stopped buying, because the sales dropped by 25-30% and prices continuously rise. Bad trade and negligible exports suggests that the market for live bait “unload” informal external channels to market pork.

Note that to confirm this information no one can like and give a rating scale of “gray stream”.

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