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Goldgenie adorns the new “IPhone” 200 grams of gold

A few days ago took the announcement of the new smartphone Apple iPhone SE, which will soon go on sale in Russia at a price a minimum of 38,000 rubles, although its screen has a diagonal of only 4 inches. Not going to once again write that the price is clearly too high, and we note only that the company Goldgenie has found a way to make this phone even more expensive, she covered him 200 grams of yellow gold.

Currently known only to the British the price of the new creations from Goldgenie is a gold version of the new iPhone SE will cost £ 1582, and if he wants a modification, decorated with Swarovski crystals, the cost will increase to 2100 pounds for the version with 64 GB of internal memory. However, for the money of any 200 grams of speech can not go — here of gold is much less and it is 24 carat, but if you need exactly the amount of precious metal, then you have to pay 38400 pounds.

If you like diamonds, then they are included in the list of options — 384 stone with a total weight of 5.5 carats will raise the cost of the smartphone up to 54400 pounds. In the future there will be a version with sapphire, but its price is still unknown. By the way, pay your attention to the design of the Golden iPhone SE — I have the feeling that the authors were inspired by the bathrooms in the old Soviet five-story building, lined with not less than the old Soviet tile. Again, it is questionable whether the quality of signal reception, as the gold covered the entire case, including radioprotecao elements.

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