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Glazyev has found a way to replenish Russia’s budget

Глазьев нашёл способ пополнить бюджет России


The saviors of the Fatherland localized on a specific idea: to find the treasure.

That is, the government appears to have taken action, and the rest trying to look for something to immediately and enough for everyone.

Advisor to the President participated in the search. The results can be catastrophic.

Sergei Glazyev is not appeased and continues to search for source of budget replenishment. This time he found a way to replenish the Treasury for 1 trillion rubles in the quarter

. According to the presidential adviser, it is enough to impose foreign exchange transactions on the Moscow exchange, the tax 1%.

He estimates the volume executed on the exchange transactions in 100 trillion rubles in the quarter, respectively the collection of this tax shall be 1 trillion per quarter, or 4 trillion a year

. The sum is more than impressive, given that only from the privatization of parts of state-owned shares “Bashneft”, VTB and ALROSA, the state plans to receive 1 trillion roubles, i.e. four times lower than Glazyev promises from the exchange, and without loss of shares. The tax, proposed by academician Glazyev, known as the “Tobin tax” — named after the Nobel laureate in Economics James Tobin first proposed to tax currency transactions separate tax.

As noted by Glazyev, this idea is now returning and abroad: “Today received a message that not only European countries but also China is planning the introduction of a Tobin tax, so that this speculative Orgy are somehow suspended.

Such manipulation course it is not a crime!” Good like the idea with mind. The money — and almost lying under your feet. However, Sergey slightly forgotten, proposing to impose such a tax in Russia. He does not consider that, by law, we cannot double taxation, i.e. it is impossible to impose the same overlapping income taxes. If you enter a proposed tax of 1%, will have to cancel other taxes that are now regularly pay participants in the currency market.

And not the fact that in this case, the budget will receive at least some replenishment. Well, if in the negative will not go away. In addition, additional tax (if you do not remove the existing ones) is likely to affect exchange rates: market participants will be forced to lay it in the cost of transactions. And because of this we can confidently predict the collapse of the ruble.

Not 1%, but much more, because this tax will pay both buyers and sellers. And this, in turn, will have implications on inflation and prices. Only on salaries is unlikely to be reflected.

In General, it will not weak a “snowball”, which will eventually cover the entire economy. And all because of some interest. So again Sergey blurted out, without thinking. Let’s hope that his initiative will not pay attention. Otherwise everyone will have hard times. Well, something like that.

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