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Gennady Gudkov: the national guard are preparing to suppress social protest

Геннадий Гудков: национальную гвардию готовят к подавлению социального протеста

Gennady Gudkov, an oppositional politician, former Deputy of the state Duma from party “Fair Russia” and the Colonel in the FSB reserve, appreciated for “Novaya Gazeta” the importance of the reorganization of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the creation on the basis of internal troops of the National guard subordinate to the President.
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This is a serious political change: the President is strengthening his personal power. The new structure will guide devoted to the President and vested in him great trust Viktor Zolotov, who has repeatedly demonstrated his loyalty. It is preparing power to street battles at the head stands a man, selflessly devoted to the President, who will carry out any orders, not looking either in the Constitution or in other laws.

The key question is whether the national guard intelligence Agency. Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs demanded from Duma, the government and the President of the powers the agents of the detective-search activity: is the right to issue subpoenas called for questioning, to recruit agents, to wiretap, surveillance. I have a suspicion that the national guard will be endowed with maximum powers, including investigative activities. (The bill on the National guard, submitted to the Duma by the President until such authority is not provided — approx. ed.)

This, of course, will weaken the FSB, but I think it will regain its role. Because it is impossible for a year or two to create a serious new investigative structure. Will decrease the value of the Centre “e”: the persecution of the political opposition will take over the national guard. Ramzan Kadyrov is the battalions, and the President will be an army, though better equipped, more empowered and influential. She, of course, on the influence and significance will surpass that of the former security Service Korzhakov.

I believe that the rigidity of actions of security forces at rallies will increase, reduce the time of persuasion. But all this is not for “belolentochnye” rallies. The authority assumes that the crisis will develop, the discontent will grow, the number of people taking to the streets will increase, and the contingent will change: it will no longer look people in ties, requiring obscure constitutional freedoms, and those who are protesting because they have nothing to eat.

The national guard and the conflict in the elites

I think now there is a conflict in the elites. The power is most afraid not of the protest movement, and the schism among the siloviki, and Putin is engaged in a personal strengthening of its influence on them. Now the President of the most powerful FSO that went beyond personal protection: today FVS first gets information from the interceptions of communications channels — previously, these data were primarily received by the KGB, FAPSI. Now is the national guard.

Previously, the internal troops were out of politics, they were engaged in accompanying operations in the Caucasus, had acted in the case of epidemics and emergencies. They were a little politicized, there were a lot of conscripts. Now they receive a new status. The de facto President gets a private army, armed with tanks, helicopters, mortars, comparable to the armies of the leading world powers: if there is, say, 250 thousand people, this army can capture any average country.

The national guard will monitor all veteran organizations that are engaged in private security, so they did not support the protest movement. A noticeable part of the military veterans are not supporters of Putin’s foreign policy external: in my opinion, about 60% for, 40% against. Now the veterans ‘ organizations want to control more.

The national guard on the protection of apartments

The national guard will lead the private guard — if she gets the right operatively-search activity, you must understand that when you order a alarm system in your apartment, you can supply additional equipment to not only protect, but also to protect you from harmful ideological influences. If the law on operative-investigative activity will not be — will act in agreement with the police, the FBI and other agencies.

The quality of work migration service will deteriorate

The status of the interior Ministry, which will lose some of the powers will grow at the expense of joining FMS, because all the raids, control activities of the FMS are a gold mine. Romodanovsky has largely weakened the corruption, made a very convenient service. But he didn’t have much hardware weight, was very indecisive in defending their positions, and, apparently, he lacked connections, patrons, rhetoric.

I think the error transfer of the migration service in the framework of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Migration service, of course, connected with the police, but they have a lot of civic functions. I believe that as a result of the migration service will increase the number of violations and abuses, it will be more protected from criticism, the quality of work will deteriorate. It will be to implement the plan, based on police bias, and report mainly on the suppression of crime. Anything good it will not give: migration is always a political question, a serious, often painful.

Hardware weight Kolokoltsev falls, because he is not happy with political Affairs

As for the Federal drug control service, this service is inefficient, artificially invented. Its function is always shared between the state security and the Ministry of internal Affairs, and no special services to create and it was not necessary. The infusion of Federal drug control service in the Ministry of internal Affairs is to compensate for the interior Ministry, which will lose some of their powers.

Hardware Kolokoltsev weight is reduced for a simple reason: he is not rabid loyalist: he is really professional and can completely transform police officers in the gendarmes. He tried to fight corruption. In my view, it without any enthusiasm is related to political Affairs. At rallies, the police performs many orders without much enthusiasm. If you compare Kolokoltseva and Bastrykin, Bastrykin in General there are no rules, and the bells tried to keep a residual level of professionalism and integrity.

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