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Geneva will host the 15th economic forum

В Женеве пройдет 15-й экономический форум

Today Switzerland hosts the Russian economic and financial forum: the fifteenth session of the event taking place in Geneva.

The main topics of the forum will be diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland. Participants will also discuss Russia’s place in global politics and prospects of international and European cooperation. All discussion will be directed at ensuring stable socio-economic future of the country.

In the program of the forum includes three main sessions: economic, financial and banking.

The economic session of the forum participants will consider issues of import substitution and saving of investment attractiveness of Russia and Russian economic prospects in the global economy. Of course, will be touched upon current topics of economic growth and social stability amid declining energy prices and economic measures against Russia.

The financial session will include consideration of issues of monetary policy of Russia and the process of effective reform of the national financial system, as well as the effects of both domestic and foreign policy on international financial cooperation and financial system.

The most popular subjects banking session will become the monetary policy of the Central Bank and the international banking cooperation. No cost and without consideration of the impact of sanctions on Russian banks.

It should be said that today we can see the results of a search for new ways of development of the economy – a striking example can serve as an import substitution programme that is already bearing fruit, despite pressure from the West.

It is no secret that in the conditions of crisis the Russian system is facing serious challenges. Given the not very favourable situation on the energy market and the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions, the Russian economy must reach a fundamentally new level. Our country needs to work out a development strategy suited to today’s economic situation, and these forums for help to find optimal solutions to problems.

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