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FT: the US afraid that the Turks and the Saudis are waging war with Russia

FT: США боятся, что турки и саудиты разожгут войну с РФ

America is looking for a way to keep its allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia from carrying out military operations in Syria, because it is fraught with serious conflict with Russia.

Syria is getting out of control. In particular, the situation in its Northern part, which can change the course of the conflict, leads the Financial Times the words of a researcher of the research center “Institute of the Middle East” Charles Lister.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia, being allies of the United States, do not want to act without their approval. However, they are annoyed with the fact that America is not opposed to Russia, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, writes the FT.

Ankara wants to create a deep buffer zone along the Syrian border, which would allow it to control haunting Turkey, the Syrian Kurds, and would give respite to “moderate Syrian opposition”, which is fighting Assad’s army. The President of Turkey Erdogan still allows the extremists to cross into Syria through the border of your country, the article says.

Saudi Arabia, too, alarmed: its impact on the situation in Syria is rapidly deteriorating. And especially afraid of Riyadh, its chief rival, Iran, the newspaper writes. It is to contain the Saudis in December created a “military Alliance” of Islamic States, which included 34 countries, continues FT.

According to some Saudi officials, Riyadh is considering a ground operation in South-Eastern Syria near the Jordanian border, possibly with the participation of the Jordan. However, officially the Kingdom in the Syrian issue focused on USA.

Washington also plans in the coming months to increase their active participation in the Syrian operations against the terrorists. It is assumed that supply the “moderate opposition” with weapons will also rise, the article notes. You know, already the militants in Syria have already started to get mortars and modern rockets, the FT reports.

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