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Found a remote way of turning the Apple iPhone in the brick

Not so long ago we wrote about the results in 64-bit smartphones, Apple iPhone error, which allows by a simple change of date atypicity clean the machine? This story will be continued — now opened the opportunity to kill these smartphones on the distance, while massively and effortlessly. If you installed on Apple iPhone date January 1, 1970, it will fail in the firmware, and the smartphone won’t even be able to reboot.

Of course, this issue is already decided in iOS 9.3, but not all have managed to install the OS, and it is not updated in the device can fall victims of hackers. Last learned how to create a public wireless network is not password protected, which the machine translate the time on the connected devices on pre-specified. Of course, this is exactly January 1, 1970, so soon we are expecting another increase in the reporting of the dead “IPhones” on core resources.

Not to fall for the ploy of hackers is very simple: just install the Apple iPhone on the latest firmware, and then rearrange the date will not bring them the desired result. If for ideological reasons you don’t want to go with iOS 7, then simply disable in settings the option to automatically connect to wireless networks. Add that Android device in this case is out of danger. The problem of changing the date only applies to the “Apple” gadgets on 64-bit processors A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X.

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