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“Foreign agents” will not be able to become a “partner state”

"Иностранные агенты" не смогут стать "партнерами государства"

In the Duma introduced a bill, opening to NGOs implementing social services easy access to funds.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Olga batalina and Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Galina Karelova contribute to the lower house a draft law defining the status of non-profit organizations by public utility services. It can be given to NGOs that is not a foreign agent, which is at least a year efficiently provided public benefit services. A register of such non-profit organizations, most likely, will lead the justice Ministry, as the Agency already has experience of running a similar list. Getting status by community services organisations a number of preferences that are not spelled out in the bill, but will be widely discussed – for example, tax breaks or easier access to funds.

For the first time about the need to allocate such organization among socially oriented NGOs said the President in his annual message to the Federal Assembly on 4 December 2015. Then he noted that the special legal status of NPOs “nonprofit organization – executor of public utility services” will provide state support for non-profit organizations have proved themselves as excellent partners of the state in providing public utility services to the population.

The head of state set the task to gradually guide such non-profit organizations up to 10% of the funds of regional and municipal social programs.

As told in the state Duma “news”, the insertion in the bill will indicate that a non-profit organization of public utility services may be considered socially oriented non-profit organization, which for one or more years providing public utility services of proper quality”. In addition, it must not perform the functions of a foreign agent and have arrears of taxes and duties provided for by the Russian legislation.

Formation and approval of the list of public utility services will be addressed by the government of the Russian Federation in accordance with the priorities set by the President.

In exclusive comments to “Izvestiya” Olga batalina has confirmed that this will be a basic list of activities that the regions will be able to expand depending on the territorial, national peculiarities of the subjects.

The bill also will determine the terms of inclusion of socially oriented NGOs in the register of non-profit organizations implementing socially useful services.

In particular, it is proposed to limit the term of inclusion of such entity in the register of two years, after which it can be re-recognized by the public utility services in a simplified manner. Will also be stipulated and the cases in which NGOs can be excluded from this registry.

The government will determine the authorized body, which will deal with the compilation of the register. According to “Izvestia”, this is likely to be the Ministry of justice, which already has experience of conducting registry of NCOs-foreign agents.

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