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Fishing – always a holiday

Hard to find someone who likes to travel, and fisherman, who travels without a fishing rod. So when we are talking about a business trip to Chicago (and this was in September last year), I first thought of a possible STI it is interesting to go fishing. Forgive me, my job interests.

Embarrassed, the truth is that I couldn’t learn about Amateur fishing in the city. Little information on the Internet (including pictures and videos) testified that there is something usual and caught (small and large fish), but to understand where, what and how – has failed. I was tormented by doubt: what if in vain and a visa, and preparing the mass of materials, and work on weekends (to do everything), and additional financial costs (which hit the modest family budget)… Maybe I was dreaming? Maybe not made it to catch? These questions remained unanswered. But then, in the autumn, I finally decided to take a chance, to try. Who knew that six weeks later the dollar will rise in two times and have to seriously think about survival.

In a minimal fishing kit, combined with, included: all-purpose compact telescopic rod, reel with cord, fishing line, box of spare parts (hooks, sinkers, jacks, etc.) and a few artificial lures. To afford more due to weight restrictions I could not.

Alas, due to bad weather the flight was moved more than a day. So, the planned “day fisherman” melted into air.

First day not increased the joy: now is not the most inspiring news. Among my new acquaintances happened to be a Russian-speaking woman from a local, whose uncle is an avid fisherman. It turned out that on the lake to fish early ice has not descended yet. Have remote reservoirs, but… that’s another “song”.

But where we did not disappear! That gloomy sky gradually began to lighten, and the work flowed on smoothly. In short, the next evening I took the road “telescope”, bezynertsionnoj with cord 0.1 and the package with the baits. By the way, all this “gentleman’s kit” fits in a work bag and even a briefcase!

The sun shone dazzlingly. The lake was bright blue. Perhaps for the first time I see this shade near the water. In this case the ice interspersed with open water. In some places on the shore gleamed the huge layers of Packed snow. Amazing! On the one hand, one of the largest cities in the world. On the other – the coastal area with its rural surroundings, large ducks dig in the puddles from the grass. A little further on some of the Northern ice floe, washed with water, and further to the horizon of the infinite blue expanse. By constantly someone runs or rides a Bicycle. And amidst all this one man with a fishing rod…

Frankly, I had hoped to meet on the coast at least one fisherman. Then all at once it would be clear, because birds of a feather understand. But alas… Decent company in the area of visibility was not there. I tied vibrohvost on the head 10g, and made a trial cast. Bait was flying beautifully.

Firing at suitable sites along the coast, I received a true pleasure from staying in the fresh air and because fish. From time to time I changed baits, finding in this diversity some unknown sense of the sacred. And the fact that the fish do not bite, it’s the little things! For two hours I breathed the fresh air and decided to pouto-RIT a similar trip in a day.

The second time instead of the sun fell on the city was a dense fog, and “down town” has ceased to resemble a giant fragment of rock receding into the sky with spears. Skyscrapers “reduced” to five or six-storey buildings.

In General, for Chicago – the windy city – frequent changes of weather are not uncommon: in the evening you can get in a snowstorm, and in the morning bask in the sun, removing outerwear.

I went to the pier, where, according to fresh data usually catch the local fans street-phishing. This pier more than a mile left into the lake. In the old days it was an important strategic object, serving ships of the U.S. Navy, but has now become a venue for community festivals and entertainment. It housed shops, a winter garden and attractions, among which stands out the impressive size of the Ferris wheel.

– If fishing is not specified, make a circle on the wheel – I decided.

People on the pier were not enough, it is possible to tell, nobody, including fishermen. It does not surprise: everything around was shrouded in a veil, and instead of water – ice (almost everywhere), and in some places quite thick! Only after passing almost the entire pier, I saw is free from ice water area. Apparently, only here the water is not stagnant and does not freeze at the current weather.

Nearby stood a police car. This is alarming… in fact, I was interested in who could: it allowed in the lake free Amateur fishing? And it seems to be no restrictions, but 100% sure it was not. Perhaps fishing paid… Thought to ask directly at the police. But this time the car started up and drove off.

So, I would venture! As I stood virtually over the water, we decided to start dipping the balancer. Not for him, of course, the wand, but you never know… First experience brought only bivalve. Well, same result. Then I began to try all kinds of silicone faux: twisters, etc. vibrohvosta Finally threw the float rigging with artificial bloodworms and white bread crumb…

Imperceptibly passed two hours. Well, I satisfied my need to go fishing in a new place. My heart was fine. Still fishing is always a pleasant sensation, it is akin to a feast for the soul, and yet it is this positive charge remains. Hemingway, speaking of Paris, gave the title of his book “a Holiday, which always with you”. Having been in Chicago this year, I realized that these words are entirely suitable for fishing.

The fog gradually dissipated, I slowly took off and went back, mentally speaking of lake Michigan: “good-bye”. Something told me that someday I’ll come back here.

When he sat down in the booth of the Ferris wheel is a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity – the sky is already sufficiently enlightened, and skyscrapers appeared in front of me in full growth. Around the opened the views are impressive. Suddenly, on the pier, where I recently walked with a spinning rod, I noticed the figure of a man… Used the zoom of the camera and… there was no question – down there by the water stood a man with a fishing rod!

After completing the “circle of honor”, I rushed to the fisherman. Here it is, soul sister! Met and two minutes later was showing each other their gear and discussed local fishing. My companion is named Bob. This elderly man, a great lover of fishing, for many years worked in the school history teacher. Now he spends his spare time on the water, with good catches of fish weighing 1-2 kg, which is quite profitable considering the high cost of the same fish in the store.

However, just like fishing in Illinois, which includes Chicago, is not officially permitted. To enter the pond the anglers must purchase a license (I didn’t know and could get on fine). It is by local standards a bit – thirty-something dollars for a year. Purchased at a bait shop or Department of a supermarket where they sell sporting and fishing goods.

The snap-in for catching local fish reminiscent of the classic tyrant with an end load of about 20-25 g and with wire taps (2-3 pieces), freely rotating around the main fishing line through the mounting sleeve. The taps are mounted a short (no more than 10 cm) leashes with hooks. As bait is used thawed shrimp, or part of one. Everything we have is on the paysite.

To throw far makes no sense. Sometimes the fish grabs the nozzle right near the edge of the dock, where the depth is about 2.5-3.5 m.


My Chicago collaborator

This time Bob also didn’t feed.
– Adverse day today! But it is better to spend it here than at home.
I agreed.

We are looking for water, the melting ice, drying the asphalt under my feet, sun shining multi-storey giants. All right, all right.

Now my fishing took place exactly. Hard to explain why I think so, probably, all depends on inner feelings. And the fish… the fish will still be. Possible, and with Bob we will be able to see in the future, but for now goodbye and exchange email addresses.

I go in high spirits between friends Chicago neighborhoods (units), spring forward and think about the next fishing trip. But it will be at home.

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