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Financial Times: Russia has influenced the world order

Financial Times: Россия повлияла на мировой порядок

According to the newspaper Financial Times, thanks to advances in Syria, Russia has been able to change the world order and the self. Operation in the Syrian region has shown that Russia has a powerful military potential. We should not think that sanctions may undermine the position of the Russian government. Also erroneous is the claim, according to which Russia cut off from the international political arena.

The author is an analyst of the Carnegie endowment Eugene Rumer considers, that now the Russian state has all the necessary resources to protect the country from hostile actions of opponents. It is about creating a situation where the government of the Russian Federation take part in the negotiations on the most important issues of the international agenda.

According to Rumer, Russian leader Vladimir Putin showed the world its ability to conduct a dialogue with various forces in the middle East. Perhaps Russia alone cannot solve the problem in the region, but without it to solve problems of this level is almost impossible.

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