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Ferial victory salute

Непраздничный салют победы

Imagine yourself ten years or even five ago, in the face of this set of news one or two days between the vernal equinox and lunar Eclipse:

– U.S. President during his visit to Cuba, met a cautious welcome from President Castro.

– The Rockefellers have announced they are quitting the oil business, calling it immoral.

– In response to a massive terrorist attack on the capital of the European Union, its leaders were only able to cry publicly, and the Europeans held the limp pacifist action.

– The US President has publicly recognized Ukraine as a sphere of power of influence of Russia.

– The leader of the race from the Democrats publicly accused of rigging of electoral lists in the primaries. And the leader among Republicans opened the support group of paleoconservative, and immediately recognized NATO is a waste of money.

– Russian court convicted war criminal first from a large list of Ukrainian military and politicians.

– Russia has announced its willingness to force the Syrian opposition to peace without US involvement, after Secretary Kerry urgently asked for a meeting in the Kremlin.

– U.S. Secretary of state to the whole world asked the Kremlin to give four days for the solution of urgent problems, he was allowed two days. The Russian President publicly mocked the habit of the USA to solve their problems suitcase with the money and foreign Minister Lavrov all eyes showed U.S. counterpart the unhappy position of senior partner.

Even two and a half years ago, any one of such political news would have sounded as incredible sensation and thunderbolt. But amid the deepening crisis and several of the preceding sensations, as the meeting of the Patriarch with the Pope, price Pact Russia and OPEC, Russian-American truce in Syria, even this event volley doesn’t look out of the ordinary. And all because after the New year for global policies changed and these changes accumulate gradually, but very quickly.

I have often noticed that the change of phase in the political process happens not at once, simultaneously and everywhere, and speed. First on the background of the collapse of the previous centre, in our case, unipolar, there is a new coalition of the centre (on the basis of UN security Council resolution 2253 from 25.12.15), and after this “change of center” is a fairly quick process to switch the connections from the old center to the new in all significant parts and processes. So that began the truce in Syria is shifting relations of groups from political centers of fomenting war to alternative political centers of appeasement (Russian, Anglo-American and nominally a “Saudi”).

This completes the switching of connections of the intermediate node “regime change”. In the previous “philosophical” post the author provides historical examples of such “regime change”, coinciding usually with the “change center” in the political process. Probably the last time it was a good prediction of “regime change” in global politics in the period of the vernal equinox. This whole event volley at the same time on all continents and in all problematic areas, where there is a global game it is, the change of the mode of occurrence of the global policy.

A characteristic feature of these and of some preceding events – in irreversibility. You can try to smooth out the effect externally, use energy loser for partial revenge in certain areas, but overall still the centre of a unipolar world is destroyed, including his own recent convulsions. Therefore, no other basis for the policy, in addition to coordination between the parts of a new coalition of the centre left. And all competition will go within the sequence of the global counter-terrorism operations that ensure manageability in a long period of reformatting of the global financial system of the dollar as a global currency to EMC zones and interstate coordination of cost key resources. One indication of this, by the way, is the withdrawal from Russia Western rating agencies as a manifestation of our inadequacy and political bias of their estimates.

Suppose even that Hillary, as a former leader of the former core of a unipolar world, can not by hook or by crook to achieve the nomination at the Convention of the democratic party. This will mean only one thing – the split and the collapse of the democratic party, the refusal of half the Democrats to vote for it in elections. As for Republicans, there is also a purely rearguard action by “neocons”, already leaning with a call to vote for Hillary against trump. Attempt to avoid automatic nomination trump may fade, but it will only result in political bargaining opponents of the neocons and the nomination of a compromise pairs, where the trump is likely to be a candidate for Vice-President (certainly not in the state;)

The split in both parties with the departure of the neocons and clintonites in active opposition, inciting riots and revolts against States of the Union, inevitable as the sunset. The only question is how the establishment in both parties are frightened by the crisis and understands the sensitive nature of sudden moves just for the existence of not only two major parties. Talking about USA, the political ties which were still these “Nanai boys”. Emergency visit of Obama to Cuba after the visit of Pope and Patriarch is also connected with the attempt to prevent schism and disintegration of States, at least – now, in a critical phase of the global crisis. The loyalty of “Latinos” in the Western States is essential in the case of Hillary trying to play the card of “the fergusons”, black riots as a means of pressure on the establishment. This does not prevent the existence of friendly black President to the Cubans and response, albeit restrained, positive. Important in showing the willingness of Obama to honor the pride of honorary Latin American leaders, even almost retired.

Among all the intrigue of the global equinox with Eclipse with the weirdest mind – is the concern of Western “NetStream” about the fate of naletchicy Savchenko. Why is the “dove of peace” Kerry or his German colleague, to be soiled about obviously rotten and stinking Nazi psychopath? Despite the fact that the leader of the same gang under investigation in Kiev, and another thirty of his accomplices. The “nabradia” aydarovets recognized by bandits. I’m not saying that the victims were journalists and the freedom of speech. And because my stories prevented the Neanderthals from mortars to hunt on the civilian refugees. It is well known to all Western politicians, and the fact that this intercession for the cannibals will remain forever in history.

But still, Kerry even last year in Sochi was said about the fate of Savchenko as its important care. And then on the laundering of hot black bitches were thrown all the forces of the Anglo-Saxon propaganda and all the available forces of the scrap eaters. Why, why is it so important for them Savchenko?!

In itself not important at all, age would her eyes have not seen. But it’s the precedent to prosecute war crimes in national legislation, without the establishment of an international Tribunal. Or think by chance, in the “red diplomat” Kerry just in time for his visit to Moscow was “head Karadzic”, immediately convicted by the Hague Tribunal after many years of tightening. The attempt to put pressure on Putin with the purpose to quickly disavow at least de facto precedent.

In fact, were not only condemned Savchenko personally, but to the whole world with the facts and legal arguments in the hands of proved incapacity, the lack of state in Kiev. Still tried to use a compromise position of Russia in favor of peace talks, Minsk agreement, as the creeping legitimization of the regime in Kiev. Although the Kremlin has never backed down from the recognition of events in February 2014 coup with all the consequences. However, under pressure from the West and wanting to have influence in Europe, the Kremlin has called the elections a “step in the right direction” and acknowledged Poroshenko’s party in the negotiations, along with the Donbass.

Now, after the verdict of a Russian court, Russia’s position sounds like the official recognition of legal capacity of Kiev, a statement of the lack of justice in this territory. Not random rejection of the defence of the appeal to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation and the ECHR, otherwise the legal position of Russia could be secured at a higher level. Recall that the ECtHR does not consider cases on the merits, but only by the rights of the parties, defendants and victims. And it is the ECtHR has obliged Russia to pay to the criminal code amendment about the need to protect the interests of victims citizens of Russia in the form of a criminal case, if in a foreign country a crime is not investigated by the authorities (I think the precedent concerned a tourist in Cyprus).

The willingness of the Western “doves” to protect even the vilest creature important for Kiev politicians and generals, it is reasonable to fear that the West is their’s and will throw one on one with Russia. If Kerry and Steinmeier defended on Savchenko, Kiev leaders are already here and now would cease to listen to their concerns. Although so and so ignored and blackmailed new military adventures for the sake of credits and opportunities to grab and re-sell privatized assets. Left only grasping and hotelnya instincts, which can be somehow playing, trying to avoid slipping B/Y in a state of “black hole” a La ISIL, where the ball is heard by the Nazis, smugglers and slavers. If you take into consideration any agreement of Kiev with Turkey on the placement of refugees, Europe is threatened by ISIL near literally and not just figuratively.

However, and this is most likely the trend of development of the situation West of the Dnieper lies strictly in line with the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar bankarskog financial-control world order. The presence of a smuggler enclave on the West of Ukraine, in the actual absence of the state, where one name is making Europe heavily dependent it is the influence of the Kremlin on the Ukrainian semi-criminal elite. Including the availability of “carrot” in the form of criminal prosecution. The West really want to get in the joint use of at least attached to the “stick” “carrot” of possible Amnesty, pardon, sharing, to save the leverage.

Oh and by the way, is no accident immediately after reaching Russia political control over the situation in Syria, and not a second earlier – the West immediately began to hypocritical recognition of the genocide by the ISIS against Christians in order to decide the fate of scrap of black terrorist international is not in the courts of Syria and Iraq, and in the Hague. They really need to keep at least such leverage in a losing situation.

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