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February 23: the Fate of defender of the Fatherland Day in Ukraine today

23 февраля: Судьба Дня защитника Отечества на Украине сегодня

The persecution of Soviet holidays continue — first the New Year, now is the Day of defender of the Fatherland. In the Lviv region SBU opened a criminal case regarding the sale of greeting cards to the Day of defender of the Fatherland day on February 23.

Postcards were sold in one of the regional centers, which was immediately suppressed by Ukrainian militiamen. Recall that the sale of St. George ribbons, cards and other paraphernalia associated with the Day of defender of the Fatherland, is prohibited in Ukraine according to the law on decommunization. Their sale equal to the spread of Nazi symbols.

Thus, the holiday, celebrated in the Soviet Union and the former Soviet Union since 1922, has not yet begun, and the persecution of his supporters are already in full swing. Given that the characters February 23 prohibited not only in Ukraine, but also the defender of the Fatherland Day moved to October 14, will anyone celebrate it this year? Will the Ukrainian authorities to deal with an old holiday?

For the comment about the current policy of the authorities, who are trying by all means to erase “red day” on February 23 from Ukrainian calendars, editorial ON “Kharkiv” has approached a number of experts, both military and civilian.

“Ukraine, of course, continue to celebrate the 23rd February the people who still remember the Soviet past. This is, shall we say, those who are over forty, forty-five. The younger generation most of his adult life, of course, lived in the context of the new political entities that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union: the Ukrainian state and the now pseudo-state”, — says Yuri Kitten, a war correspondent and analyst.

In General, acknowledges the expert, you can agree with the fact that February 23 is, by and large, a celebration of the country which no longer exists. The feast of the USSR.

“In Russia, of course, historical continuity is maintained. And, oddly, not only in relation to the Soviet Union, but to him the previous Russian Empire. In any case, significant political and military events of these predecessor States there are marked. The current government is trying to avoid sudden movements and not to irritate the many, for whom these dates are important.

In Ukraine all on the contrary. Now this is a fake nation with fake history. Because swept aside everything that does not fit with the ideological pattern that phony statehood. When most of the real reasons no longer fits, start to celebrate and honor that anyhow. An example of this can serve and honor of the battle of Kruty, and much more.

In General, all this celebration of destruction and death. Amazing but true. Even the failures of recent years – the same Debaltsevsky boiler – are portrayed as successful actions of Ukrainian troops. Poroshenko recently even awarded the Ukrainian version of the hero of the military order of 10 for this, in General, lost the battle,” continues Kitty.

If you think about it, considers the military expert, this is absurd. But this is the essence of modern Ukraine. In the absence of real military victories in the near past or in a fictional prehistory of the country the Ukrainians are invited to celebrate God knows what.

23 февраля: Судьба Дня защитника Отечества на Украине сегодня

The celebration of the Motherland defender’s Day was established by the Central Executive Committee of the USSR in 1922. It was timed to February 23 in connection with the first battles of the red army with the German occupiers at the end of February 1918.

Human rights activist, journalist and former Deputy of the Kharkov city Council Konstantin Kevorkian, believed that 23rd of February is important is not so much the date itself and the occasion on which it was elected – and technically it is the day of the publication of the decree on the establishment of the red Army in 1918 – many already well-established tradition of the Soviet and post-Soviet holiday.

“We are no longer talking about the battles of the red Army with the Germans and Austro-Hungarian troops in the distant 18th year. The holiday has been transformed, in fact, in the men’s day. It had grown for generations. Millions of men who studied in the Soviet school, who served in the Soviet army, marking him to Soviet collectives. When the SBU in the Lviv region begins an investigation into the trading cards on February 23, this is yet another example of stupidity and degeneration of intellectual power.

Of course, the man who knows history will tell you that 23 February is a bit of a stretch date in order to consider Day of the defender of Fatherland. This date has undoubtedly ideological Foundation laid in the early days of Soviet power. Can’t say that even I would be an ideological supporter of celebrating the holiday on February 23. But still, the question is not about this, not about specific historical occasion, and about of the almost century-old tradition that, despite all the efforts of the current interim Ukrainian government, important for millions of people”, — quotes its point of view Konstantin Kevorkian.

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