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Fashion trends of the next season

Recently ended fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow, where Russian designers presented their new collections.

Actress Field Polyakova tried not to miss a single show. Today, she shares impressions from seen and says that the same will be true very soon.


This fashion Week the Arena is like a breath of fresh air, as a bright journey in near future. I am pleased that our designers gushing of different ideas. During these five days, on the Moscow podium you could see everything: the beautiful and feminine images, and passionate, not devoid of eroticism, and youth with some craziness, pretentious and glamorous.So, what will be fashionable in the upcoming season?


Flounces, ruffles and bows

Yes, these parts again remain in the clothes. And the more, the better. In the collection under the Jolly title of “the Fly-Tsokotuha” brand Vadim Merlis heroine is buried in the ruffles and flounces, but it’s so beautiful and elegant that causes no doubt that it is absolutely essential to every girl. Bows on blouses and shirts, skirts in crease with the “protective” strip from Bologna to Moscow slush, patterned suits in frills and Granny blouses with transparency, non-sexual, things with a story embroidered in the most unexpected places: on the chest, lower back and thighs — all I saw in this collection and was delighted.


Print of the season — the face on the clothing

In Vogue are floral and animal prints. Now everything has changed. Now the interest is male or female person who occupies a large part of the blouse, dress, shirt or bomber. Very nice it turned out on the outfits of the brand AKA NANITA. This time the designer Aka Nanitashvili used for decorating not only the stones and elegant embroidery, but complemented the sets of prints made from natural fibers.


Military style with Oriental motifs

Theme isetskogo military costume can be traced in the collection of Alena Akhmadullina brand. As she told the designer, the inspiration for her new creations was the legend of the celestial warrior the Geser — the ancient epic that exists in Buryat, Tibetan, and Mongolian mythology. Poeticized image of the Son of Heaven becomes the epitome of Asian warlike culture, which is revealed in collections through the cut, choice of fabrics and designer prints brand. To the fore in the collection comes complex decor: three-dimensional elements of leather and fur, mimicking the structure of military armor, embroidery and chevrons in the form of steppe horses, fur trim, reproducing paintings Asian landscape.


The rave trend, grunge and sports chic

Vivid colors and grotesque acid, fishnets, leather jackets and shiny metallic fabric. The girl from Vika Smolyanitskaya and noticeable in the best sense of the word predatory, she loves animal prints and fur coats faux fur. Her wardrobe has to create an original total look, so popular in the 80’s. the Designer has reinterpreted the vintage looks of youth subcultures born of those years and made us go back in time, only more vivid and catchy. Clothing from Smolenicky outrageous, she daring, bold, extravagant girls, and this, as you can see, is very important.


Refined femininity

However, not so clear in the world of fashion. So designer Alexander Vanyushin sees its heroine romantic special, but because on the runway you can see girls in long dresses free, where intends not emphasized waist, but a special style in flowing fabrics with things. Femininity created by a variety of neckline which can be quite honest, but embroidery, lace, sewing transform the charming girl in a prude. Flowers collection Vanuseni steel shades of grass green, cranberry red, black, white and pale blue.

The color of the clothes and character: Almost for anybody not a secret that the color chosen by the person, may say something about his character or the mood at this stage of life. Also with the help of colors in garments can certain way to “send signals” to others, call the fire itself, to attract attention or, conversely, to be closed from the negative energy, be more discreet. Read more…

Photo shows: Mercedesbenzfashionweek.ru
Top photo: Daria Radosina

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