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Exquisite scheme

Восхитительная схема

In the Russian Federation is financial independence, headed by Putin’s government. Russian ones economy is bursting at the seams and falling apart, but at speculators and bankers, on the contrary, there is a rise and fixed profit in the tens and hundreds of percent. The decline is observed across all industries with the exception of trivial speculation, covering the spectacular robbery of assets. To explain the growth of financial operations reduction of demand and the downturn of the economy can be only one: the looters are tearing the country to pieces, selling off the last reserves.

The other day the Moscow stock exchange has summed up the first month of trading in 2016. In January, the highest activity was recorded on the derivatives and FX markets of the Moscow exchange, the trading volume which increased in comparison with January 2015 157,1% and 94.6%, respectively. Good dynamics showed money market the increase was 42.3% and the bond market, secondary trading which increased by 128,2%.

Trading volume of derivatives on the Moscow exchange in January 2016 increased by 157.1% and amounted to $ 10.6 trillion up from 4.1 trillion rubles in January 2015 or of 166.6 million contracts versus 73.9 million contracts in January 2015. Trading volume of futures contracts amounted to $ 161,1 million contracts, option contracts is 5.5 million contracts.

Trading volume on the foreign exchange market increased by 94.6 per cent to 27.7 trillion vs 14.3 trillion rubles in January 2015, including a cash settlement to 12.0 trillion, the swap is 15.7 trillion.

Total trading volume on the money market increased by 42.3% and amounted to 18.3 trillion rubles compared to 12.9 trillion rubles in January 2015, and the average daily volume of transactions amounted to 1 016,3 billion rubles against 676,4 billion rubles in January 2015. The volume of GDP amounted in 2015 80 trillion 412,5 billion rubles against 77 trillion 893,1 billion rubles in 2014.

In other words, the MICEX, where 80% of participants are foreigners, and which is supervised by the best Minister of Finance Kudrin of the world, conspired with the Central Bank, the seat of the world’s best Central Bank Chairwoman Elvira Madam, with the complicity of the Ministry of Finance Siluanov, in the person of cranks in one quarter of transactions by volume, comparable to all of Russia’s GDP, freely bringing the monthly to $ 100 billion.

The scheme is delightful in its elegance. The Central Bank delivers untold amounts allegedly banks to support the economy, industry, production and stabilization of the ruble, calling it a “recapitalization”, but raises the credit rate to above the roof. Of course no production with 7% ROI to swallow it. And, of course, the bankers immediately sent the money on the MICEX, then they are already in the form of American dollars quietly, without any restrictions going abroad. While inflation and falling standard of living of citizens of the Russian Federation – the essence of a nice bonus to this fabulous in terms of profitability to the business.

This promptly growing poor dear Russians tell you fascinating stories about inflation, free movement of capital, the invisible hand of the market, inviolable international obligation and miscellaneous other stuff, which for some reason don’t exist in the same Europe and the USA, where exchange controls is much steeper than even in the times of the USSR Ministry of Finance. That is, if it is not deliberate sabotage and undermining the economic foundations of the state? And what sanctions, counter-sanctions and import substitution, it is possible to speak, when in the Russian Federation is not hiding financial independence, headed by Putin’s government?

What to do with all this? As a minimum, the MICEX should disperse, deals for her to stop. Siluanov, Kudrin and Nabiullina behind barbed wire. The export of capital to ban mandatory exchange of the national currency in reserve to cancel, from the WTO and the IMF to leave the law on the Central Bank to abolish as unconstitutional, handing over the powers of the Central Bank to the government, especially in terms of emissions. To introduce a non-overlapping double-circuit system of circulation – non-cash for budget financing and cash for consumption, to impose currency controls, and to begin to tax all foreign exchange transactions 100% tax…

The list could continue, but only in the liberal chekist Russia all of these health for the country’s economy steps will be automatically classified as “extremist” and “undermining the foundations of constitutional order”.

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