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Explorers called ideal neighbors-celebrities

Путешественники назвали идеальных соседей-знаменитостей

Virgin Atlantic Airways conducted a survey among its passengers and found out who the travelers would like to see in the next chair during the flight. The leaders were johnny Depp and Adele. The study is published in the blog of the carrier.

Among the perfect neighbors-men were also Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Reynolds, and the female singer Taylor swift and Angelina Jolie.

The respondents were also asked what features travelers they consider to be most unbearable. In the first place was malodorous companions (against voted 31 percent), followed by those who occupies the whole joint arm (17 percent). Completing the top three snoring tourists (16 per cent). Discontent also cause too talkative neighbors and hyperactive children.

At the same time, the respondents noted that they would forgive and johnny Depp, Adele and any intolerable habit.

Earlier in February, the newspaper The Daily Mail revealed the aliases stars take to register in hotels, to stay incognito. It turned out that celebrities choose the names of cartoon characters, TV shows and their Pets. So, Tom Hanks is registered under the name Harry Lauder, Scottish singer and comedian of the XIX century. Justin Bieber appears in hotels as Chandler Bing, the character in the TV series “Friends”, played by Matthew Perry.

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